What is NAD?

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) is a metabolic co-enzyme that structures, repairs, and is an essential component of energy production (mitochondrial function); heavily involved in DNA repair and cell repair; responsible for turning certain genes on and off; and essential for maintaining neurotransmitter levels, for the proper functioning of the brain.

These specialized enzymes require constant replenishment.

Below are some instances in which the body can lose or degrade natural NAD levels:

  • Substance abuse
  • Alcoholism
  • Post Traumatic Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
Chemical Components of BR+NAD
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BR+ NAD is Springfield Wellness Center’s proprietary protocol and is used in restoring brain function. Our nutritionally-based Intravenous infusion gives the brain what it needs to become healthy and repairs damage caused by stress, depression, addiction, alcoholism, post-traumatic stress, and chronic traumatic encephalopathy. These conditions deplete the brain of neurotransmitters. Our BR+ NAD protocols, which include the purest nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) available, help patients replenish their supply of neurotransmitters. These protocols are completely nutrient-based and are made of compounds a healthy body produces naturally.

Current research also indicates that NAD deficiencies may trigger a host of metabolic and degenerative diseases—including obesity, Type II diabetes, chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. When using NAD with the BR+ protocols for addiction or stress treatment, neurochemical imbalances can be restored to healthy functioning usually within ten days or less.

Our Integrative Approach to Brain Restoration

The first step is to have an assessment prior to the treatment whereby the patient’s medical history and current status is reviewed. This initial assessment will determine what the patient’s protocol will be. The average addiction detox treatment is 10 days. Patients that are seeking treatment for stress related disorders will receive a shorter treatment schedule. The stress management treatment is typically completed within 6 days

Patients receive individually designed IV (intravenous) protocols of BR+ NAD under the supervision of trained medical staff. This process improves and promotes healthy brain functioning. At the end of the treatment, more than 90% of our patients report no cravings, increased clarity of mind, better problem-solving ability, improved focus and concentration, increased energy, and improved mood.

This treatment is not a substitute for recovery. It is not a cure, it is the beginning of the process of healing. Once the brain is restored to optimal functioning, the patient has the clarity of mind to engage in the recovery process with the ability to stop compulsive behaviors and make mindful choices that are self-supportive rather than self-destructive. Springfield Wellness Center, LLC program includes individual, family and group therapy. Patients commit to follow-up care with emphasis on psychological, social and spiritual healing. A commitment to after-care treatment is critical. The underlying psychological issues, which often lead to substance abuse, must be resolved for true recovery.

Conventional vs BR+NAD Cost Comparison

BR+ NAD offers three game-changing benefits over conventional detox and rehab:

  1. Detoxes safely and requires no other addictive substances to relieve withdrawal symptoms.
  2. ‍Blocks cravings as early as Day Two or Three of treatment depending on your history
  3. ‍Restores healthy brain function: memory, concentration, clarity, optimism, and more

Amazing Transformations

Springfield Wellness has allowed me to see the amazing transformations that occur in people that participate in their protocol. A gentle, caring, non-judgmental atmosphere is what makes this facility stand out! - Carrie W.

I love what they do there!

I love everything about the Springfield Wellness Center!! Love the people, love the atmosphere, love the scenery. And most of all, I love what they do there! Thank you all for everything. Hope to visit soon. - Wendy N.

I would recommend the clinic highly

I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2012. After hearing Addison's story I knew I had to try it. I went to the center and received treatments. Each day, the doctors, staff, my family and myself could see improvements. The doctors, nurses and staff were very kind and compassionate. Meals were delicious. I thank God that He led me there so I could improve my quality of life. - Anonymous

Amazing grounds; wonderful staff

They are making a positive impact & improving the quality of life for so many. God bless them and the work they do!! - Ken R.

May God bless you all!

Thank you all for helping my husband through our trial of Parkinson's Disease. He just completed 7 days of treatments and is still improving. - Cheri L.

You just can't put a price tag on that relief.

I found myself relying more on Benadryl for good quality sleep. I took the 4 day stress treatment at Springfield Wellness Center and the first night I slept without any aids and have not needed anything ever since. It has been a week. I now realize how sleep deprived I have been. I also suffer from Restless Legs Syndrome and so far I have not had an episode. I highly recommend this treatment. - Theresa N.