About 11 years ago, I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. I met with several doctors, and they all said the same thing that it was irreversible and very very unsuccessful in treatment. It was being treated by a Physician, and he prescribed a whole bunch of medicine with little to no effects. I had tremors constantly. I tripped - unsteady on my feet. I couldn't eat with a fork; I had to eat with a spoon. I always saw images in my peripheral vision. I didn't get much sleep. So, I just about gave up. I met with Dr. Mestayer. He took down a medical history on me. I started receiving 1000 mg of NAD. Within an hour of the treatment, my tremors stopped almost immediately. I quit stumbling. I quit drooling at night. My peripheral vision was perfect; I saw no more images in my peripheral vision. It just makes you feel wonderful. You feel younger! It's remarkable.