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Get treatment from the first and longest operating clinic using intravenous NAD in the United States

Springfield Wellness Center is the home of the original NAD Brain Restoration Plus treatment (BR+), the first and longest operating clinic in the United States. We are a licensed mental health clinic providing traditional psychotherapy and nutritional IV–NAD (BR+) detox treatment in a safe and caring environment.

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  • October 17
  • October 31
  • November 14

Comparison Chart

Springfield Wellness Center’s Outpatient Treatment vs. Conventional Inpatient Treatment

SWC’s NAD/BR+Inpatient detox/rehab
Duration10 Days28 Days
Cost (Average)*$13,500$27,399
– Cravings
– Discomfort
– Replacement Addiction


* http://www.thecleanslate.org/average-inpatient-alcohol-and-drug-rehab-costs/

** Percent of patients experiencing no cravings or other symptoms

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Springfield Wellness Center is pleased to introduce two new members to our staff:

Dr. Robert E. Schmidt, who joined the SWC staff in June of this year, and Dr. Laura Blake who joined in September.

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