doctor at springfield wellness centerPost-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is triggered by a terrifying event and symptoms include nightmares, flashbacks and severe anxiety attacks. Those with signs of PTSD also often experience depression, chronic anxiety and chemical dependencies.

Research has shown that NAD+ is depleted in individuals with mood disorders and chemical dependencies. Intravenous BR+ NAD™ therapy has been shown to be an effective therapy for PTSD treatment. BR+ NAD™ is not a cure for PTSD and is most effective with mental health counseling and support. Call the Springfield Wellness Center to see if this therapy is right for you.

Anxiety Disorders

man looking out window at the Mood Disorder Treatment CenterAnxiety disorders are a group of mental health problems that involve a constant state of fear and worry, which affects daily life routine and activities. These anxiety disorder symptoms manifest in various forms and types such as social anxiety disorder, panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. While general anxiety marks a normal reaction towards stressful events, general anxiety disorder or GAD augments your persistent worries to an unrealistic level. General anxiety disorder symptoms also include constant concern, anticipation of the worst, overthinking, feelings of fear and threat, as well as the inability to relax or concentrate. Triggered without warning, panic disorders happen more suddenly in episodes. Panic disorder symptoms range from an increased, pounding heart rate, to body trembling, shortness of breath, nausea, temperature fluctuations and physical pain.

At Springfield Wellness Center, our anxiety disorder treatment protocol can help you manage and ease your anxiety, so that you can get your life back. This protocol also serves as a generalized panic disorder treatment, as well as panic disorder treatment.

Anxiety disorder management involves teamwork between the individual and healthcare providers. BR+ NAD™ has shown to be effective in elevating mood and reversing feelings of depression and anxiety. It also replenishes neurotransmitters that are low due to the constant activation state of the nervous system and body.


Depression is a common, yet serious mood disorder. Severe depression symptoms alter your ability to feel, think and handle daily activities. Even though depression is not a result of aging, depression in adults and the elderly is very common. There are several factors that accompany with depression, including changes in the brain, neurotransmitters, hormones, and genetics. Other risk factors include low self-esteem, traumatic or stressful events, chronic illness, certain medications and addiction.

Similar to the current treatment for anxiety, BR+ NAD™ has the unique ability to tackle signs of depression by restoring the brain and rebalancing neurotransmitters. Those with chemical dependencies and mental disorders like major depression have lower levels of NAD+. Intravenous BR+ NAD™ is a great way to replenish your NAD+ levels. While NAD+ is not a cure for depression. However, it can help reduce the symptoms and should be combined with mental health support. Call Springfield Wellness Center to see if BR+ NAD™ treatment is best for you.