Premier Gait Analysis

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Discover the power of customized insoles with a complete gait analysis using the most advanced technology available in the United States! 

At Springfield Wellness Center, we believe that a better understanding of your body’s movement is key to unlocking your full potential. Experience the most comprehensive gait analysis available in the U.S. and discover how our innovative approach can make a difference in your life.


Advanced Technology for Accurate Analysis

Springfield Wellness Center is pleased to offer cutting-edge movement analysis with Dynexus technology, the most advanced gait analysis available in the United States. Our system provides real-time, highly precise assessments of your biomechanics during walking and running. Leveraging an AI trained on an extensive database of patient information, we capture and process a comprehensive array of data to deliver unparalleled accuracy and insight into your unique movement patterns.

dynexus gait analysis

Heart & Soles® Customized Insoles

·      Enhanced Comfort: FootAdapt custom insoles are designed to reduce muscle and joint pain, providing greater comfort in your daily activities.

·      Personalized Fit: Our insoles are crafted based on precise data from your unique biomechanics, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal support.

·      Improved Mobility: Whether you’re walking, running, or standing, our insoles help enhance your movement, making your everyday activities more enjoyable.

·      Injury Prevention: Discover and address potential biomechanical issues before they lead to injuries, keeping you active and healthy.

·      Enhanced Performance: Optimize your biomechanics to improve your overall physical performance, whether you’re a casual walker or an avid runner.

·      Continuous Support: Our insoles offer ongoing support, adapting to your needs as your body changes and evolves.

dynexus gait analysis

Unlock your potential and invest in your health with our Heart & Soles® custom insoles. Experience the benefits of advanced technology designed to support your unique needs and enhance your everyday life. Make the smart choice for your feet and feel the difference!