Addiction: The Dark Night of the Soul NAD+ The Light of Hope

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Discover the beauty of life once again


The Dark Night of the Soul


The Light of Hope

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The Story

two people meet with and learn About Paula MestayerIn the pages of this book, Paula Norris Mestayer shares her remarkable story of 18 years of work treating the brain disease of addiction. By delivering intravenous infusions of NAD+—a natural coenzyme of niacin—her treatment enables patients to kick opiates, alcohol, benzodiazepines, methamphetamines, and more, in 10 short days—with minimal withdrawal symptoms or cravings. She explains—in layman’s terms—what is known thus far about why NAD+ is effective and shares the inspirational stories of people who have journeyed through addiction’s “dark night of the soul” and found their way to health, wholeness, and freedom once again.

Book sales help support the critical mission of NAD Research, Inc. in exploring the value of NAD+ in helping to save lives and to improve the quality of lives. Each book purchased will be autographed by Paula Norris Mestayer and all proceeds will be donated to our veterans and first responders.

Interviews with Paula Norris Mestayer

Paula Norris Mestayer on Great Day Louisiana

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Finding the Power to Live Your Own Story

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Dark Night of The Soul

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Addiction Recovery with NAD+
Litwack, Shira. “Addiction Recovery with NAD+.” Best In Corporate Health, 18 Feb. 2019,

Paula Norris Mestayer on NAD & Addiction
Judy Brooks and Roy Walkenhorst host “Healing Quest,” the groundbreaking program about new mind/body medicine and healing, on PBS television stations and commercial radio stations.

Paula Norris Mestayer in the New Orleans Sun
“Local Therapist’s Groundbreaking Book Offers New Approach to Opioid Epidemic” New Orleans Sun, 29 Mar. 2019,

Facebook Interview with Paula Norris Mestayer: Addiction – The Dark Night of the Soul, NAD + The Light of Hope
Louie B. Free hosts Facebook Live Interview. 2019.

“The book is amazing. I loved it! Thank you for all you put into not only the book but the world. It flows out there, Paula, it does.  I want to kindle the embers of it all too.”

— Betty Martin
“When we fully understand the role of NAD+ in overcoming oxidative stress, which is a leading cause of illness and death in developed countries, it will be obvious why it works to treat addiction.”

— Dr. Ross Grant, University of Sydney, Australia
“I think this is going to be the beginning of something big, especially if Paula has anything to do with it.”

— James P. Watson, MD, Clinical Faculty, UCLA School of Medicine
“Read the entire book in two days! Loved it … good combination of personal heart-wrenching stories and scientific research and evidence.”

— Christy G. Broome
“This is an incredible book and a must read for those in the counseling and treatment industry.”

—Michelle LeGros Starkey
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