Alzheimer’s and Dementia Treatment

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clinician preparing infusions as part of nad for alzheimer's and dementiaAlzheimer’s disease and dementia can affect a person for years before diagnosis, making medical care and management essential to living with these conditions.

Researchers have found that nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is crucial in cellular functions. Unfortunately, NAD levels decline with age, contributing to neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Fortunately, supplementing with NAD can replenish levels and address the hallmarks of aging associated with cognitive decline, leading to improved health.

Springfield Wellness Center’s pioneering treatment of neurodegenerative diseases with intravenous NAD aids in slowing the progression of symptoms and improving the quality of life for people with these diseases. We offer NAD for Alzheimer’s and dementia at our luxury outpatient treatment center in Louisiana. You or your loved one can get the care they need in this safe, supportive environment. 

Call 844.334.4727 today to learn more about NAD treatment for neurogenerative diseases and how we can help you or a loved one heal. 

Call us today at 844.334.4727 to learn more about Alzheimer's and dementia treatment in Louisiana and how NAD therapy can help.

What Is Alzheimer’s Disease? 

Alzheimer’s disease is a slow and progressive disorder that debilitates memory and thinking skills of millions of Americans. It is a difficult disease to treat because the etiology of the disease depends on several factors, including metabolism, circulation, toxin exposure, as well as lifestyle and diet factors.

Physicians will often prescribe medication to reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. However, this does not slow the progression of the disease. Other treatments include a combination of therapies, including exercise and nutritional support.  

What’s the link between NAD and Alzheimer’s disease? NAD is a derivative of Vitamin B3, a safe and natural molecule that supports cellular regeneration. When deficient in NAD, your cells cannot produce enough energy to perform essential tasks like repairing, fighting inflammation, and other crucial regenerative processes. Studies have suggested that replenishing depleted NAD levels may help regenerate the neuronal cells affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

Indeed, our own clinical experience giving intravenous BR+ NAD® to patients with Alzheimer’s has slowed the progression of disease symptoms and greatly improved patients’ quality of life. Contact Springfield Wellness Center to see if this treatment is for you. 

Symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Early diagnosis and treatment can improve the quality of life for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia. The ten most common symptoms include:

  1. Difficulty with everyday tasks, such as making a change or following a recipe
  2. Repetitively asking the same questions or telling the same story
  3. Other communication difficulties, such as forgetting a thought in mid-sentence or struggling to recall words or the names of objects
  4. Getting lost
  5. Personality changes, such as becoming unusually anxious, suspicious, or confused
  6. Confusion about place and time, such as not knowing where one is or how one got there or frequently forgetting what day of the week it is
  7. Misplacing things
  8. A sudden loss of interest in family, friends, work, and social events
  9. Loss of old memories
  10. Other troubling behaviors, such as carelessness about personal hygiene or demonstrations of poor judgment

While a single symptom does not necessarily indicate Alzheimer’s or dementia, a combination of symptoms may be signs of the disease. Fortunately, early intervention with intravenous NAD for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease can slow neurodegenerative decline, preserving quality of life for years or decades.

Hear from Billy Lancaster, a patient who has received intravenous NAD treatment:

What to Expect from Alzheimer’s and Dementia Treatment

Alzheimer’s and dementia treatment at Springfield Wellness Center involves a comprehensive and innovative approach. Our highly trained staff will warmly welcome you upon arrival, ensuring you or a loved one feels comfortable and supported in our care.

We will conduct a thorough assessment tailored to your needs, allowing us to develop a personalized treatment plan. This plan will include NAD for brain health, consisting of infusions aimed at slowing the progression of symptoms and improving your well-being and life quality.

You’ll be under the expert care of our dedicated team throughout the treatment process, offering guidance and support every step of the way. Rest assured, your well-being is our primary concern, and we are committed to making your journey with us a positive and healing experience.


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Don’t wait to seek help if you or a loved one is experiencing symptoms of Alzheimer’s or dementia. Our knowledgeable and compassionate professionals at Springfield Wellness Center are ready to guide you through the treatment process.

Our innovative NAD Alzheimer’s and dementia treatment could slow the progression of these neurodegenerative diseases, potentially enhancing the quality of life and total wellness for you or your loved one.

Call us today at 844.334.4727 or message us through our contact form for more information and take the first step toward a better tomorrow. We are committed to helping you live your best life regardless of diagnosis.