hydroNAD™ Cream

Size Full Wp Image 1358 AlignrighthydroNAD+™ Cream: Your Skin’s New Best Friend!

The benefits of NAD+ delivered via nanotechnology 

Springfield Wellness Center is proud to be one of the nation’s first distributors of a breakthrough NAD+ product: Molecular World Health’s hydroNAD+™ cream—the power of NAD+ in a topical skincare product!

Groundbreaking nanotechnology can now deliver NAD directly to your skin cells, where it can boost cellular energy production, fight inflammation, defend against oxidative stress, repair DNA, promote a healthy sleep-wake cycle, and even increase longevity.

In fact, research shows that NAD+ can not only help you function as if you were younger – it can help you look younger too.


NAD+ Skin Benefits

Because NAD+ levels naturally decline with age, our skin can’t perform its barrier and repair functions as optimally as it once did. That’s why we’re likely to see decreased elasticity, sagging, fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation (age spots). However, NAD+ can help our skin in several ways,1,2,3 including:

Boosting cellular energy

NAD+ is essential to your cells’ energy production. (Without it, all body functions would cease.) NAD+ also improves your cells’ ability to defend themselves – making them more resilient to oxidative stress and damage. This boost in cellular energy levels keeps your cells functioning at a higher capacity for longer – slowing down the signs of aging.

NAD+ has been linked to such impressive anti-aging properties, it’s been called “as close to a fountain of youth” as we’ve yet identified. Here’s how it helps:

Preserving healthy DNA

Skin cells replace themselves more rapidly than other types of cells in your body. They have to because your skin is the body’s “first line of defense” against environmental insults such as sun exposure, pollutants, allergens, and other potentially harmful substances.

The skin’s high cellular turnover rate makes it particularly susceptible to “genomic instability,” which means an injury to your DNA that can alter the way your cells reproduce. NAD+ preserves the genomic stability of your skin cells, preventing skin damage and aging.

Promoting production of compounds essential to skin health

Optimal skin functioning depends upon a number of elements, production of which tends to decline with age—particularly in women and particularly in response to sun damage. But NAD+ has been found to boost the production of: Alignright Wp Image 1359 Size Medium

  • Collagen (literally, the “scaffolding” of the skin)
  • Keratin (works with collagen to provide structure to the skin)
  • Elastin (provides elasticity to the skin)
  • Hyaluronic acid (essential for binding moisture to the skin)

One strategy for maintaining healthy levels of these compounds is through diet and supplementation; another strategy is through topical supplementation—especially now, with nanotechnology, which enables NAD+ to penetrate the skin.

The power of nanotechnology

Nanocosmeceuticals are one of the most powerful new technologies for skin, hair, nails, lips, and teeth. The inclusion of nanomaterials has been found to improve product efficacy and consumer satisfaction due to their small particle size and huge surface-to-volume ratio. These make them effective carriers of the active ingredients in a variety of cosmeceuticals.

Nanosized ingredients improve the coverage and adherence to the skin of products containing them. As a result, cosmetic manufacturers now employ nanosized ingredients to improve UV protection, skin penetration, anti-aging effects, and a variety of other properties.

hydroNAD+™ cream utilizes nanotechnology to improve skin penetration, prolong active ingredient duration, improve biocompatibility, and enhance dosage—all in a fragrance-free cream.

A one-ounce bottle is priced at $65.99 and contains approximately 30 days of twice-daily usage. In addition, hydroNAD+™ cream is:

  • A lightweight moisturizing formula
  • Physician developed – by the physician who brought NAD+ treatment to the United States
  • Highest quality, pure NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide)
  • No NAD+ precursors
  • Made without parabens, phthalates and sulfates
  • No added fragrances or dye
  • No animal testing
  • Non-greasy, no scent
  • Made in the USA