We Are a Licensed Mental Health Clinic Providing Traditional Psychotherapy and Nutritional Intravenous BR+NAD™ Detox Treatment in a Safe and Caring Environment.

Doctor teaching patient about Springfield Wellness Center

Springfield Wellness Center and its groundbreaking BR+NAD™ treatment protocols grew out of founder Paula Norris’ positive experience with a similar therapy offered by a clinic in Mexico. The Neurotransmission Restoration (NTR) program was successful in treating Norris’ daughter for drug addiction in just 10 days. “She came home clean and happy; her personality returned to the child I knew,” Norris says. Better still, her daughter has stayed addiction-free ever since.

In 2001, Norris opened her own intravenous NTR clinic, in Slidell, Louisiana. In 2005, she and her husband, Dr. Richard Mestayer, III, moved the clinic to Springfield, Louisiana, changing the name to Springfield Wellness Center. Since then, Springfield Wellness Center has treated more than 1000 patients with intravenous BR+NAD™ — for conditions that include chemical dependency, PTSD, chronic stress, depression and anxiety, chronic pain, “chemo-brain,” CTE, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s. The results have been phenomenal, as our research, case studies, and testimonials demonstrate. In addition to treating patients, BR+ MD Consultants, Inc., is training and certifying qualified healthcare providers in delivering the treatment—so that wherever in the United States patients need help, a qualified BR+NAD™ treatment program is available.

Doctor speaking to patient at Springfield Wellness Center

Because We Care

We heard the cry for help close to 20 years ago and have helped hundreds of people realize that they are not alone and that there is a way to beat the rehab-relapse cycle. Our Springfield Wellness Center staff cares about you. We want to give each and every patient the opportunity to enjoy a healthy life.

Patient and doctor smiling at Springfield Wellness Center

You Can Do It

SWC provides a safe place with non-judgmental staff who believes in you. We have seen so many patients break through their addictions and other maladies that we believe you will as well. You can do it. We are committed to helping you realize your full potential.

Springfield Wellness Center doctors

We Can Help

Our professional and caring staff will support you through every step of your journey, helping you break free of addiction, stress-related illnesses, and neurodegenerative diseases and reclaim your life.