Anxiety Treatment Program

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An individual experiencing symptoms of an anxiety disorder needs proper assessment and treatment. Although everyone has some anxiety because of stressful situations or events in life, the anxiety symptoms typically disappear after a short time, and the person returns to their normal lifestyle.
Some people, however, have symptoms that go far beyond those of normal anxiety. Does this sound like you? Receiving an assessment and engaging in treatment can help you recover and live without the distress of chronic or acute anxiety. The Springfield Wellness Center team of experienced professionals help you learn to manage your anxiety through an individualized anxiety treatment program that includes counseling as well as intravenous NAD infusions.

woman holding head while in Anxiety treatment programThe Seriousness of Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders occur when an individual experiences signs and symptoms that go beyond the normal temporary worry or fears associated with stressors such as a job interview, temporary financial difficulties, or other everyday life occurrences.
The National Institute of Mental Health explains that a person with an anxiety disorder has lingering symptoms that worsen, rather than improving, over time. The symptoms are intense, long-lasting, and potentially consume the life of an individual with an anxiety disorder.
The Anxiety and Depression Association of America indicates that anxiety disorders are just as real and just as serious as physical health conditions such as heart disease or diabetes.

Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety Disorders

There are several types of anxiety disorders, including panic disorders, generalized anxiety disorder, and several types of phobias. Some signs of anxiety that indicate the need for an anxiety treatment program include:
  • Difficulties with controlling feelings of worry or fear or panic
  • Feeling consistently restless or irritable or on edge
  • Sweating or trembling because of anxiety
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Extreme fear of social situations or large crowds
  • Experiencing extreme immediate anxiety when encountering a feared situation or object
The caring staff at Springfield Wellness Center understand that your anxiety is real and that it can affect nearly every aspect of life. Unfortunately, if left untreated, anxiety disorders can lead to physical illness. The good news is that anxiety, like most mood disorders, is very treatable. If you or a loved one suffers from anxiety, it’s not something that needs to be endured alone. Our compassionate and experienced staff can help.

Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Diagnosing anxiety is the first step towards getting the help that you need to regain control over your life. Our professional staff will help you with an assessment of your overall wellbeing, including your physical and mental health. Once we determine that there are no underlying physical issues that need further evaluation and treatment, the next step is considering your anxiety treatment program options.
Our caring professionals will explain your treatment options and answer your questions about treatments, including the BR+NAD treatment. We’ll help you regain the elevated mood you had before anxiety took over your life. Regain a sense of calm over your mind and body through our  holistic, total wellness approach.
Get started on your recovery at Springfield Wellness Center today by calling 844.334.4727 and speak to an experienced team member today.