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How Long Does Rapid Detox Take?

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If dealing with withdrawal symptoms from the detox process has you hesitant about getting treatment, you may be curious about rapid detox. What is rapid detox? As the name suggests, this process can help shorten the duration of detox so you can start healing from addiction faster.

When you are looking for a safe, natural way to detox from drug addiction, the BR+NAD treatment detox programs at Springfield Wellness Center have got you covered. We understand that stress is at the root of many substance use disorders. Our unique method helps address the neurological aspects of addiction while treating co-occurring mental health conditions. To learn more about how NAD treatment detox can help you break free from addiction for good, call us today at 844.334.4727.

What Is Rapid Detox?

Just as it sounds, rapid detox is a speedier way to get through the process of withdrawal from drug addiction. You receive a high dose of opioid antagonists that help to expedite the process of pushing opiate drugs out of your system. To decrease the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms as the drugs leave your body, you are put under anesthesia.

People choose rapid opiate detox for several reasons:

  • Rapid detox shortens the withdrawal process.
  • Being under anesthesia during the treatment can help you avoid feeling the worst of the withdrawal symptoms.
  • For some, rapid detox can eliminate the need for a lengthy inpatient stay at an addiction treatment facility.

However, it is always best to do this process under professional guidance. Doing so alone can be dangerous.

How Does Rapid Detox Work?

If you are considering rapid detox treatment to help you get through withdrawal quickly, you are probably wondering how rapid detox works. A large dose of naloxone or other opioid antagonist is administered to shorten the duration of the withdrawal process. Opioid antagonists work by blocking opioid receptor sites and are typically used to help reverse overdoses and save lives. When you utilize an opioid antagonist for rapid detox, it forces opioids out of your system in a short period rather than naturally allowing the drugs to leave your system over a week.

Rapid Detox Timeline

The appeal of getting through drug withdrawal quickly and while unconscious may have you sold on rapid detox. At this point, you may wonder what makes rapid detox considered to be “rapid”? Here is an approximate rapid detox timeline to give you a better idea of how long this abbreviated method takes:

  • Before treatment: Anesthesia will help relax and sedate you since the treatment can be quite intense. Anesthesia typically takes less than a few minutes to put you to sleep.
  • During treatment: You will receive an injection containing a high dose of an opioid antagonist such as naloxone. This part of the process typically takes anywhere from four to eight hours.
  • After treatment: Once the drugs are out of your system, you will remain under supervision for up to 24 hours to monitor any additional withdrawal symptoms that arise. You may also be given additional medication to help prevent cravings.
  • While the most powerful symptoms will occur while you are unconscious, there may still be minor symptoms for the next few days.

Although you will typically only need a one-night stay for rapid detox, it is highly recommended that you receive long-term outpatient treatment to prevent relapse. Rapid detox is not meant to substitute for an addiction treatment program but rather one of the potential first steps to lasting recovery.

Get Safe, Effective Detox at Springfield Wellness Center

Do drug addiction and mental health conditions control your life? If so, you can depend on the unique treatment at Springfield Wellness Center to help you regain your health and wellness. Our BR+NAD treatment detox programs can help address neurological impairment that may be at the root of your challenges. Find the relief you have been searching for by calling us today at 844.334.4727, or contact us online.