NAD+ Support for Veterans

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Do you know a veteran in need of addiction detox support?

In honor of Veterans’ Day Springfield Wellness Center, the first intravenous NAD clinic in the United States, has entered into a partnership with Mission 22, a veterans’ support organization, which will underwrite addiction detox treatment for patients who are veterans of the armed forces! veterans in need of support for addiction treatment with NAD+ Supplements “Mission 22 partners with like-minded organizations that provide services and support to veterans and their families,” says Carley Hill, Mission 22’s community outreach coordinator. “These programs range from crisis support and service animals to financial assistance and outdoor therapy. Our goal is to eliminate the wait times often experienced by veterans seeking treatment and provide help when they need it most: right now. We’re pleased to partner with Springfield Wellness Center to help veterans in need of outpatient detox services.” “We are very grateful for Mission 22’s support,” adds Patrick Uloth, outreach coordinator at Springfield Wellness Center. “Because our treatment isn’t covered by Medicare or Medicaid, cost keeps many prospective patients from benefitting from it. For veterans, we can now offer a solution.” Uloth knows how vital that solution can be. A veteran himself, Uloth became addicted to opioid pain medications after his return from Iraq. It was intravenous NAD treatment at Springfield Wellness Center that enabled him to beat his addiction—along with his pain, PTSD and depression. It’s been over three years since his last NAD booster and he has not been on any medications, suffers from no depression, and has not had a single craving since Day 2 of his treatment, he says.

Finding Help at Springfield Wellness Center

If you are a veteran or know a veteran seeking addiction detox treatment, please call Springfield Wellness Center at 844.334.4727. After scheduling treatment, we will connect you with Mission 22 for financial support. For more information on Mission 22, visit their website at