Addiction Treatment near Baton Rouge

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Do you need addiction treatment? Finding the care you need for your addiction isn’t always easy. While there are various locations near Baton Rouge and in Louisiana itself that may help, it’s also essential to focus on what these locations can offer to you. Finding the right fit is critical. At Springfield Wellness Center, our trusted team of experts can offer the resources you need to feel right at home. To learn more about our services, please contact Springfield Wellness Center today at 844.334.4727.

What Should You Look for in Addiction Treatment?

group partakes in addiction treatment Selecting the right location for addiction treatment starts with understanding your needs. Many people with addiction struggle with complex mental health disorders. If you have symptoms of conditions like anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder, seek out a treatment center capable of helping you through both conditions at one time. You may benefit from this type of therapy if you have signs such as:

  • Needing to use drugs and alcohol to deal with stress.
  • Using drugs as a way to get through the day.
  • Using drugs or alcohol to calm your nerves or reduce anxiety.
  • Feeling unable to focus if you are not using the substance.
  • Experiencing traumatic thoughts and memories if you don’t use the drug or alcohol.

It takes a combination of mental health disorder treatment and addiction treatment to help a person find stability. Look for a location that can offer this to you.

Comprehensive Detox Support

Look for a treatment provider that offers detox. If you have used drugs for a long time or are using heavy drugs often, detox is often the best first step. It can provide you with the tools you need to start the healing process without the pain of withdrawal. You may even be able to reduce the cravings you feel. Detox can help your body and mind to heal. The key here is to ensure you are getting access to all levels of care right for your situation. Opioids, stimulants, and alcohol are all types of drugs we often recommend detox services for to ensure long-term recovery.

Innovative Addiction Therapy

Another key service to look for in an addiction provider is their ability to provide innovative, new methods and treatment strategies. There is no doubt that evidence-based therapies continue to work to help men and women. Yet, sometimes, other services can go further. If you have chronic addiction in that you’ve relapsed before, it may be specifically essential for you to seek out this type of innovative approach. At Springfield Wellness Center, we offer NAD treatment. It’s a unique process that helps to fuel the brain with the nutrients depleted in addiction. It can help restore balance and provide healing from the many damage you’ve struggled with during your addiction. We encourage you to learn more about how it may work for you. Our services include:

If you are ready to start the healing process, learn more about each of these programs. After a full assessment, you’ll receive access to evidence-based therapy along with holistic treatment programs. This, coupled with our NAD treatment, enables you to heal from a cellular level and overcome the challenges of addiction. Seek out a treatment center close to home and one with the tools you need.

Call Springfield Wellness Center

An investment in addiction treatment is an investment in your health and future. While it may mean getting help now and doing some hard work, it may also mean living a happier, healthier life. Our team at Springfield Wellness Center may be able to help you. Call 844.334.4727 or reach out online.