Anxiety Treatment for Houston Residents

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anxiety treatment for residents of houstonAnxiety disorders are a group of conditions that produce lingering, negative feelings such as intense fear or worry. Millions of people across the U.S. suffer from one of these disorders every day. However, with help, you can recover from their effects. Anxiety treatment often includes psychotherapy or medication. It may also involve other options that help improve your sense of mental well-being. In a major city like Houston, tens of thousands of people suffer from the impact of severe anxiety. This means that there is a pressing need for effective treatment options. Need anxiety treatment near Houston or the surrounding area? Springfield Wellness Center in Springfield, LA provides the assistance you need. We feature a variety of options for customized treatment of your anxiety disorder symptoms, including a brain-balancing technique called NAD therapy. Help for anxiety near Houston is just a call away 844.334.4727.

Anxiety Treatment Involves Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a form of professional counseling also known as talk therapy. It includes a subgroup of treatments called behavioral therapies. Therapies of this type help you develop ways of thinking and behaving that promote improved mental health. A specific kind of behavioral therapy, called cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), is often used to treat anxiety disorders. CBT helps you with a range of obstacles, including:

  • Learning practical ways of coping with your anxiety symptoms
  • Overcoming the fear or anxiety associated with specific situations
  • Returning to a more functional and productive daily routine

Experts view therapy as the most effective psychotherapy option for anxiety.

Medication for Anxiety Treatment

Instead of psychotherapy, your treatment plan may use medication. You may also receive anxiety medication in addition to psychotherapy. The three most common medication options are:

  • Anti-anxiety medications or anxiolytics
  • Antidepressants
  • Beta-blockers

Most anti-anxiety medications are sedatives called benzodiazepines. These treatments work by making your symptoms less severe. However, they can be habit-forming, so doctors prescribe them carefully. Most of the antidepressants used as anxiety medications are SNRIs or SSRIs. These medications can help by easing your stress levels or stabilizing your mood. You may also receive other types of antidepressants in certain situations. Beta-blockers are blood pressure medications. They can help control some of the physical effects of anxiety. That includes such things as muscle tremors and an accelerated heartbeat.

NAD Therapy for Anxiety

Good health depends, in part, on a chemical called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD). This chemical occurs throughout your body. It’s essential to regulating your metabolism. It also affects your rate of aging and DNA repair. If you have enough NAD in your system, all of these processes are supported. However, low NAD levels can make them less effective. Low NAD is not a direct cause of severe anxiety. However, lack of the chemical may make this condition more likely to occur. It may also help make any existing symptoms worse. In NAD therapy, IV treatments boost your levels of the chemical. This increase helps return your brain to a state of equilibrium. In this way, it can also help reduce anxiety’s impact on your health.

Learn More at Springfield Wellness Center

To learn more about treatments for anxiety disorders, contact Springfield Wellness Center today. We have the expertise needed to diagnose these disorders and provide effective treatment. Our customized plans are based on a combination of methods. Your options include both medication and psychotherapy. They also include NAD therapy, which is not available in most mental health programs. Our blended approach helps you recover from any form of anxiety disorder. It also allows us to address other issues you may have, including substance problems. If you or a loved one suffer from anxiety and live in the Houston area, call us today at 844.334.4727 for more information about our Springfield, Lousiana treatment center.