Drug Addiction Treatment for Houston Residents

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Drug addiction treatment is a multi-step process that helps you get and remain sober. Effective treatment is a crucial resource no matter where you live because serious drug and medication problems are not uncommon. Millions of people struggle with this condition each year. The first step for anyone in drug addiction treatment is a detox program. These programs get their name because they allow you to detoxify your body and clear your system safely. When you achieve this crucial goal, you can take the next step toward lasting recovery. Do you need drug addiction treatment in Houston, Texas? Springfield Wellness Center is there for you. We provide the professional expertise necessary to complete detox. In this way, we help make all other steps in your recovery possible to achieve. If you or a loved one require drug addiction treatment and live in the Shreveport area, give us a call today at 844.334.4727.

Why Is Professional Detox Necessary for Drug Addiction Treatment?

woman talks to man about drug addiction treatment in houston There is a consensus among public health experts that you shouldn’t try to quit drugs alone. A couple of facts help explain this recommendation. First, regardless of the drug or medication in your system, quitting is not easy. When you stop your substance use, you trigger the start of withdrawal. The symptoms of withdrawal depend upon such things as:

  • The type of drug or medication you use
  • How much of that substance you usually take
  • The length of time you have been addicted

If you’re like the vast majority of people, you’ll find these symptoms to be highly unpleasant. Unless you have help reducing them to tolerable levels, you may decide to halt your attempt at sobriety. Supervised detox provides this help. For some people, professional detox in drug addiction treatment is also life-saving. That’s true because they experience severe withdrawal complications. Such severe complications aren’t the norm. However, if they occur, you will need prompt access to medical care. Supervised detox provides this access.

Methods Used in Drug Detox

Not everyone goes through the same drug addiction treatment in detox. Instead, effective options are influenced by the source of your problems as well as by the intensity of your withdrawal and other personal factors. One specific form of help is common to all detox plans: supportive care. That’s the name for the basic techniques used to keep you safe and generally well during withdrawal. You may not need anything else to complete detox. However, you may need additional help from withdrawal medication.

NAD Therapy: A Modern Detox Option for Drug Addiction Treatment

Today, there is a new option available for detox in drug addiction treatment. The name of that option is a brain restoration technique called NAD therapy. This therapy relies on a modern understanding of the importance of the chemical NAD, which naturally occurs in your body. Drug and medication addiction can deplete your normal levels of NAD. In turn, the lack of this chemical can amplify the effects of withdrawal. In NAD therapy, you receive concentrated, IV doses of this chemical. This targeted increase has a rejuvenating effect. In effect, it helps repair your brain and turn down the intensity of withdrawal. NAD therapy is a 21st-century innovation. Its availability is limited across the country, meaning that having a local resource for the therapy is rare. It may also be vital.

Get More Information at Springfield Wellness Center

Springfield Wellness Center is your exclusive provider of NAD therapy near Houston, Texas and nearby areas We offer this therapy as part of our full range of detox options. The right combination of these options will help you stay the course throughout drug withdrawal. For more information on getting started, please fill out our online form or contact us today at 844.334.4727.