Cocaine Abuse Treatment

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We Are Who We Say We Are At Springfield Wellness Center

When you walk through the door for cocaine abuse treatment at Springfield Wellness Center,  your wellness becomes the primary focus. We are not only a drug detox center in Springfield, LA. We are also a wellness center. Cocaine abuse treatment is available for you at Springfield Wellness Center. The professional treatment team works with you. Finding the right road out of cocaine abuse is the goal.

Cocaine Has Been A Drug Of Abuse For Several DecadesA man and his therapist discuss NAD cocaine abuse treatment in springfield la

Generally, you ingest cocaine by snorting it through the nostrils. Some cocaine users smoke it as well. Cocaine abuse treatment is still in high demand though cocaine abuse has been around for decades. Unfortunately, cocaine has stood the test of time. Because it is the quintessential party drug, people don’t realize how addictive and debilitating a cocaine addiction can be.  Many times you first use it at a social gathering or party. Users think that the drug is fun. Part of the lure is the status symbol linked to powdered cocaine. Cocaine is used by the wealthy. Users don’t think of it as a street-level type of drug. Unfortunately, these misconceptions have made the drug resilient over the years.

NAD Cocaine Abuse Treatment Springfield LA

NAD is a newer type of treatment modality that focuses on a holistic approach to wellness. We offer the latest treatment modalities for cocaine abuse.  However, some individuals need medication to handle the physiological effects of cocaine withdrawal. Consequently, the cocaine abuse treatment combined with NAD treatment is an option.

What is NAD Abuse Treatment?

NAD treatment is an amino acid therapy, known as Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, or NAD.  This IV metabolic enzyme does the most of the work repairing, remodeling, and structuring cells in our body. The enzymes are continuously restoring themselves in the human body. Cocaine abuse affects this natural process. The body and the brain are rewired to need cocaine in this restructuring process.

What Happens When Cocaine Use Suddenly Stops?

When you suddenly stop taking cocaine, it leaves you in a physiological and psychological crisis. This time is the painful part of withdrawal. You don’t have to suffer needlessly. At Springfield Wellness Center, we use NAD treatment to restore your chemical and cellular make-up to a revitalized position. The process renews exhausted enzymes and restores the brain. As a result, you feel much better during the withdrawal process. Then, group, individual, and family therapy are used to aid in the psychological detoxification and withdrawal process.

Springfield Wellness Center

As the founding NAD cocaine abuse treatment Springfield LA, we also offer the NAD therapeutic intervention as it relates to other drugs of abuse. Our facility uses NAD as an augmentative resource with our patients who are in substance abuse recovery. We built this groundbreaking treatment intervention into the foundation of our program.  Here’s a brief listing of our featured programming:

You are at the center of everything we do at Springfield Wellness Center. Let us help you begin your journey back to a centered and healthy life. Contact us today at 844.334.4727.