Stimulant Detox Center

In today’s world, stimulant abuse goes beyond illegal cocaine usage and extends into the world of prescription drugs. Prescription stimulants such as Adderall and Ritalin are used to treat many different disorders such as ADHD, Parkinson’s, and even narcolepsy. These drugs, when properly used, may increase energy and alertness. When abused, however, stimulants can drain brain energy, heighten body temperature, and increase the risk of heart failure. Thus, many people find themselves in need of a stimulant detox center like that offered by Springfield Wellness Center.

Group of people sitting in a circle. Hugging each other at stimulant detox centerWho Is a Good Candidate?

Abuse of stimulants requires the user to increase the dosage over time, as the initial dosage size will not be enough to satisfy growing cravings. Taking more stimulant doses than prescribed more often than prescribed is a red flag. Stimulant abuse may also result in milder behavioral issues such as anxiety, anger, or paranoia. If these behaviors are increasingly evident, it may be a good time to track stimulant usage levels. Often, friends and family are the first to notice these changes in behavior, so it is important to take the concern of others seriously. If an individual is chronically abusing stimulants, it’s time to look for a stimulant detox center. At a facility of this kind, whether inpatient or outpatient, patients can find the help they need to get back on track through the aid of skilled medical professionals.

Stimulant Detox Center Services

A struggling patient may take advantage of many different detox resources, such as medical therapies, holistic health options, and support groups. There is research that suggests that many issues arising from stimulant abuse are the result of depleted NAD+ levels in the body. A new therapy is now being utilized in which BR+NAD is administered intravenously to replenish brain energy and repair neurons damaged through extended stimulant misuse. Patients of this new NAD+ therapy report quicker, more lasting results as well as a lower treatment cost overall.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Stimulant Detox Center?

A huge benefit of using a stimulant detox center is the personalization of treatment. Instead of trying to self-detox by shooting in the dark, detox center patients receive assistance from medical professionals who can cater treatments to fit patients’ individual needs. Accountability is another crucial benefit of a stimulant detox center. For most patients, a community of like-minded individuals provides another layer of safety net on the road to recovery. A quality detox center provides not only caring and helpful staff but also peer groups where ideas and goals can be exchanged. Using a stimulant detox center also gives the patient access to expertise not otherwise available. Self-treatment could not include therapies such as the NAD+ treatments mentioned above. Medical experts understand how these treatment options work as well as how to administer them to each patient.

Where Can I Find a Quality Stimulant Detox Center?

When seeking out help for drug dependency, we realize that there are many options you could turn to. Here at Springfield Wellness Center, we believe that we truly are the best option to meet your specific needs. Here are several reasons why we think so:

If you or a loved one needs a stimulant detox center, we are here for you. Stimulant addiction is difficult to beat alone. So call us at 844.334.4727. Start your recovery today.