Chronic Stress Disorder Treatment in Springfield, LA

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Everyone has stress. It comes and goes according to what is happening in your life. But when stress does not go away, you suffer mentally and physically. For ongoing stress, you need chronic stress disorder treatment at Springfield Wellness Center. Whether you suffer chronic stress, substance use disorder, or these two conditions together under a dual diagnosis, Springfield Wellness Center provides the high quality of care you need to regain control of your life. This mental health treatment center in Springfield, LA, uses pioneering methods of BR+NAD, replenishing essential compounds critical to your best health and mental wellness. Learn more about BR+NAD and the traditional methods of Springfield Wellness Center by talking to a caring counselor at Springfield Wellness Center today.

What Is Chronic Stress?

Woman in desperate need of chronic stress disorder treatmentOf course, some stress is good for you. But chronic stress disorder is intense, ongoing stress that does not go away on its own. This condition wears you down, making you physically and mentally unwell. To understand your stress and whether you need chronic stress disorder treatment, learn more about stress, its signs and symptoms, and how you can get relief from this difficult condition. Stress is how your body reacts in situations of perceived or real harm. The feelings of stress come from actual chemical reactions in your body. These reactions then prompt behaviors and sensations meant to protect you from injury. For example, the “fight or flight” reaction is your body’s stress response that raises your blood pressure and prepares you to act in your own protection. Some things stress some people, whereas others do not feel bothered by them at all. Some individuals also handle stressful situations better than others. Small amounts of stress help you fulfill daily needs, such as in getting your work done, meeting deadlines, and preventing you from injury. An example of good stress is the feeling that makes you jump out of the way if a car is headed in your direction as you walk down the street. The human body handles temporary stress well. But ongoing, long-term stress is not healthy. Instead of working with these feelings, your body suffers from them. The good news is that chronic stress disorder treatment helps, getting you back on track for a healthier, more relaxed life.

Symptoms of Stress

Stress impacts all areas of your life, even all areas of your being. From ongoing stress, you suffer physically, emotionally, and also mentally. Your behavior also changes as you make adjustments in how you act or what you do, as you try to avoid more stress. You possibly need chronic stress disorder treatment if you always feel stressed. Some of the emotional signs of this condition include easy agitation, frustration, moodiness, and feelings of being overwhelmed. You struggle to relax or quiet your thoughts, suffer low self-esteem, feel lonely, believe yourself worthless, and avoid others. Depression often goes with chronic stress. Physical signs you need chronic stress disorder treatment in Springfield, LA, include low energy, headaches, diarrhea, constipation, nausea, and upset stomach. You can also suffer physical aches, pains, and tension. Many people experience chest pain, fast heart rate, insomnia, frequent colds, infections, and lost sexual desire. Common signs also include teeth grinding, jaw clenching, dry mouth, nervousness, shaking, ear ringing, sweaty hands, and feet, or cold hands and feet. Mental health problems pointing to your need for chronic stress disorder treatment in Springfield, LA, include constant worry, racing thoughts, lost focus, forgetfulness, poor judgment, disorganization, and negativity. Changes in your behavior include overeating, undereating, procrastination, substance abuse, nervous behaviors, and avoidance of your responsibilities. Substance abuse is common for people with chronic stress. This makes it easy to understand how chronic stress disorder treatment and addiction treatment must often take place at the same time.

Chronic Stress Disorder Treatment in Springfield, LA

Springfield Wellness Center provides treatment for chronic stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, and a wide range of other mental and behavioral health problems. This treatment includes:

Springfield Wellness Center pioneered BR+NAD treatment. This treatment takes place as part of individualized treatment plans suited to your unique needs. You can enjoy a life of reduced stress, relaxation, and overall wellness with Springfield Wellness Center’s chronic stress disorder treatment. Call Springfield Wellness Center now at 844.334.4727 to learn more about available programs and what BR+NAD can do for you.