NAD Brain Injury Treatment

Springfield Wellness Center: The Foundation And Evolution of BR + NAD 

You can find NAD therapy all around the country. However, Springfield Wellness Center is one of the first facilities to use this treatment. If you’re looking for a NAD brain injury treatment in Springfield, LA, this is the place for you.

How Can NAD Help With My Brain Injury?A woman discusses NAD brain injury treatment in springfield la with her therapist

Because NAD is associated with both metabolism revitalization and DNA repair, if you or a loved one has suffered from brain injury, it can help. NAD uses a naturally occurring cellular controller to advance interactions with DNA repair proteins. In the repairing process, energy is vital. This intravenously delivered enzyme manufactures energy at the cellular level of our bodies. The energy from fatty acids and carbohydrates is then able to work at the mitochondrial level.

What Exactly Is NAD?

Discovered in 1906 by Arthur Harden and William John Young, NAD is a compound that is in every human being and every cell.  Essentially, it is a biomolecule that has been life-giving and life-changing in various healthcare situations. Medical professionals use it with substance abuse, mental health disorders, natural aging issues, and brain injury. These medical advances are still in the groundbreaking stages. NAD brain injury treatment Springfield LA is only one of the places to use NAD. It is becoming a frequent contributor to better outcomes all over the world.  The medical team at Springfield Wellness Center has its fingers on the pulse of this powerhouse.

It Doesn’t Stop With Brain Injury And Trauma 

NAD brain injury treatment is not the only thing we do. Paula and Richard Mestayer founded Springfield Wellness Center in 2001. Initially, they focused on drug addiction treatment.

How Is NAD Brain Injury Treatment at Springfield, LA Administered?

NAD IV therapy generally requires a single intravenous infusion per day and continues for about ten days. A trained nurse must complete this process in a controlled medical environment. Here is where the treatment modality differentiates. If doctors use it on someone with a brain injury, the effects will manifest at different intervals. The reaction depends upon the seriousness of the damage. This reaction is also possible for a patient who receives NAD for drug detoxification or other wellness needs. It is an individualized treatment modality which requires consistent, and highly professional administration to be effective When a medical professional combines NAD with drug treatment therapy, the chances for success are incredibly high. In short, NAD is a revolutionary type of treatment modality. Even now, researchers are working on finding new ways to use this groundbreaking and life-changing intervention.

NAD Brain Injury Treatment At Springfield Wellness Center

In addition to using NAD for other physical conditions, we offer also offer other medical treatments, such as:

Springfield Wellness has a fantastic NAD brain injury treatment. It doesn’t stop with people who have suffered a brain injury. We offer treatment for many issues that involve human cells. The fundamental level is where NAD is most effective. The sky is the limit to how we can bring wellness to the center of your life. Health can be at the center of your loved one’s life, as well. Contact us today at 844.334.4727 to learn more about how NAD can help you and your family.