NAD Treatment for Texas

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Like many Texans, you or your loved one may be affected by a severe mental illness. If that’s true, you need help to recover. Many forms of mental health treatment are available. A new option developed in recent decades is NAD treatment. This treatment is designed to address a key chemical imbalance inside your brain. It leads to the restoration of some of your most essential brain functions. For this reason, NAD treatment is an important option for recovering your mental health in Texas. While beneficial, NAD therapy is not yet widespread. In fact, it often takes effort to find a qualified provider. Springfield Wellness Center is a recognized pioneer in the NAD field, located in Springfield, Louisiana. Every day, we use this therapy to help people recover from depression, anxiety, and other illnesses. We’re committed to helping Texas residents restore their function and daily sense of well-being. Reach out today at 844.334.4727 to learn how NAD Treatment may be right for you.

NAD Basics

NAD is the common shorthand for a chemical called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. This chemical is produced naturally in cells throughout your body. That includes the nerve cells that serve as the active part of your brain. NAD is an unsung but crucial substance. It plays a role in essential tasks that include:woman gets NAD Treatment

  • Powering your body’s metabolism
  • Repairing damage sustained by your DNA
  • Determining how quickly you age

To provide all of its benefits, NAD must be present in specific amounts. If your supply of the chemical drops below normal, your risks for several health issues may go up. You may also develop low NAD levels as the result of existing challenges. Mental illness is on the list of conditions associated with low NAD. That list also includes Parkinson’s disease and severe substance use disorders.

Boosting Your NAD Levels

Fortunately, you can take steps to increase your body’s supply of NAD. Some of your options are dietary, including such things as eliminating processed foods and upping your intake of healthy foods. An active lifestyle is also a known NAD booster. That’s true whether you:

  • Exercise aerobically
  • Get involved in strength training
  • Increase your general level of daily activity

Such actions may also be helpful. However, on their own, they will only take you so far. If you have a severe NAD deficiency, you may need to take further steps to return to a health-supporting range. An excellent way to achieve this goal is to seek targeted NAD treatment.

What Is NAD Treatment?

NAD treatment is a form of IV or intravenous therapy. Each treatment supplies you with a concentrated dose of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. This level of supplementation is far above what you can achieve through other means. There are several benefits of NAD for mental health. Many people affected by mental illness have unusually low supplies of NAD. There are too many factors involved in mental health for us to say that low levels of the chemical cause your illness. Nevertheless, a lack of NAD may well contribute to the effects of your condition. NAD for mental health eliminates any deficiencies and helps restore healthier brain function. In turn, when your brain functions better, many people find their mental health has improved. The result may be significant symptom improvement. You may also find it easier to cope with any symptoms that remain.

Learn More at Springfield Wellness Center

Need more information on seeking NAD treatment in or near Texas? Springfield Wellness Center is standing by to assist you. We have decades of experience providing this cutting-edge treatment. Our deep expertise helps you maximize the value of NAD therapy. To learn more about the advantages of our modern approach, contact us online or call us today at 844.334.4727.