NAD Treatment in Springfield, LA

Man talking with doctor about NAD for addiction

NAD for addiction is a holistic form of therapy used to treat patients recovering from a substance use disorder. The body goes through a lot when you are in the grips of substance abuse. It learns to function differently when under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Once you get sober, your body may not have the reserves necessary to help you resist cravings. Springfield Wellness Center offers NAD treatment in Springfield, LA to clients looking for a healthy way to overcome an addiction. To learn more about our services, please call Springfield Wellness Center today at 844.334.4727.

What Is NAD Therapy? doctor discusses NAD Treatment in Springfield

NAD stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, a naturally occurring co-enzyme found within our bodies. It’s responsible for generating energy along with structuring and repairing our cells.

Substance abuse can deplete the amount of NAD stored in our cells, making it harder for us to heal from the damage caused by addiction. Springfield Wellness Center uses NAD therapy to replenish NAD stripped away by the excesses of substance abuse. Getting sober is often a draining process that exhausts our physical and mental reserves.

How NAD for Addiction Works

NAD therapy boosts the level of NAD enzyme in the body, giving clients a much-needed energy boost that can make them more able to handle a rehab program’s rigors. NAD therapy isn’t new. Scientists started exploring the benefits of NAD therapy in the 1960s. Springfield Wellness Center became a pioneer by becoming the first clinic to provide NAD therapy in Louisiana when we built our first facility in Springfield. We’re proud of the work we’ve done in encouraging the use of NAD therapy to help clients with substance use disorders.

Your Physician’s Part in NAD for Addiction

Your physician creates an individualized plan for administering your NAD therapy. They come up with a specific mix of NAD enzymes based on your medical and addiction history. Clients typically receive one infusion of NAD enzymes each day for around ten days. After making sure you are comfortable, you receive the enzyme treatment from an IV drip into your bloodstream. Giving it to you in this way allows the mixture to go straight to your brain versus having to first pass through your stomach. Clients often describe feeling energy coursing through their bodies during the treatment. The effects of NAD therapy vary from person to person. Many people find that receiving the enzyme treatment improves mental clarity and helps with cravings. It’s important that clients finish the entire treatment to receive the full benefit of NAD therapy.

Does NAD Cure Substance Use Disorders?

NAD therapy is not a cure for addiction. It can be essential in helping clients get through a treatment program by helping with withdrawal symptoms. NAD therapy flushes out any toxins left behind in a client’s system because of substance abuse. Clients may feel more equipped to finish the other requirements of a rehab program. Additional benefits patients often experience because of NAD therapy include:

  • Reduction in physical pain
  • Better cognitive function
  • Increased energy
  • Better chances of finishing an addiction treatment program

Taking NAD therapy doesn’t mitigate the need for clients to address other issues that drive their addiction. They should use the enzyme treatment in conjunction with other therapy services like cognitive-behavioral therapy. Full recovery from addiction depends on a client’s willingness to address the thought process and behaviors that drove their addiction.

Get NAD for Addiction at Springfield Wellness Center

Addiction treatment has come a long way since the early days of rehab. NAD therapy can make it easier for clients to get through a treatment program and absorb the lessons needed to remain sober once they leave our facility. Springfield Wellness Center believes strongly in the benefits of NAD treatment at our Springfield, Louisiana facility. We have programs aimed at helping clients with other disorders, including:

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