The Power of Addiction Treatment

What is the toll of addiction? Clearly, statistics tell a story. However, the heart speaks louder than impersonal statistics ever could. After watching both clients and loved ones struggle in the tenuous clutches of addiction for over twenty years, we can’t remain silent about the problem—or the power of addiction treatment.

Addiction can seem like one of those things that happen to other people in a town far away, but if we’re truly being honest with ourselves, most of us have felt the sting of addiction in our lives more often than we’d like to admit. Sometimes, it’s a relative we all tiptoe around during the holidays. Sometimes, it’s childhood memories of an intoxicated parent, or sometimes it’s our own children we feel powerless to help. More often than not, for those of us who are not personally afflicted with abstaining from substance abuse, we are left to bear witness to our loved one’s struggles.

The Power of Addiction Treatment

Springfield Wellness Center has become a miracle in both my professional as well as my personal life. I have had the amazing opportunity to witness clients transform from struggling addicts to self-aware, optimistic individuals. When a loved one of mine began to struggle with an impending relapse to heroin and fentanyl, Springfield Wellness Center was there.

After a heart-wrenching night of succumbing to his demons, we decided to reach out together to Springfield Wellness Center. He was reluctant, as he had sought help from numerous other detox centers with very short-lived success. We have been so proud to be a part of Springfield Wellness Center and after witnessing so many transformations using their BR+ NAD protocol, I knew that this was the place where this man I loved needed to be. It was definitely a “put your money where your mouth is” moment.

Addiction’s Toll on Loved Ones

As many of you know, watching someone you love so deeply struggle with addiction can be excruciating. Standing there, feeling like a helpless bystander, is one of the most gut-wrenching feelings any of us can have. Putting your faith in a place or treatment protocol to help someone you love can be nerve-wracking. It can be extremely hard to relinquish control and admit we can’t do it alone.

The relief and reassurance we both felt at Springfield Wellness Center was unmatched by any other place he had previously sought help. We were met with kindness, compassion, and knowledgeable care. Not once was there any criticism or disappointment—just honest love and support.  BR+ NAD and the love from Springfield Wellness Center saved his life. If he relapses, he is always welcome at Springfield Wellness for detox and help. I know the staff there will never give up on him; he will receive the same compassion and care as every client that walks through those doors.

We are all aware that although there is not a “cure” for addiction. However, BR+ NAD makes it so much easier to get through the rough first days of detox. The brain restoration (BR) part of the protocol enables people to think clearly; meeting with therapists helps clients clear any shame and disappointment, as well as deal with any underlying trauma. Recovery is a daily process; some days are better than others. Springfield Wellness Center understands that you really do have to work at recovery and they have the tools to provide the best chance for success.

For So Many, Addiction Treatment is Truly a Miracle

Earlier in this blog post, I mentioned that Springfield Wellness Center has been a miracle in both my professional and personal life. I cannot emphasize enough how humbled and fortunate I am to be a part of such an amazing team. As a member of the staff, I can attest that we are all dedicated to helping each and every person who walks through our doors overcome the binds of addiction. As a witness to watching my own loved one overcome his struggle with demons, I can attest that they have answered my prayers.

To learn more about how addiction treatment can help you or a loved one, call 844.334.4727 today.