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Are the Holidays Giving You Stress and Anxiety?

Come in now for a NAD booster!

The holidays are meant to be a festive time of year when we gather with friends, exchange gifts, and celebrate our spiritual traditions. However, for many people, the enforced joy of the holidays can trigger anxiety—or even depression—rather than joyous celebration. If this happens to you, don’t forget that effective anxiety treatment is available. An anxiety recovery center may be just the thing to help you avoid serious problems.

Tips for Anti-Anxiety Self-Care

Not sure if you need to enroll in an anxiety recovery center just yet? In fact, you can take steps on your own to help keep feelings of anxiousness at bay. Here are some tips to help you get things going:


What are the holiday events or traditions that are the most meaningful to you? A tree? The first night of Hanukkah? Christmas morning with the kids? Christmas dinner with the extended family? Let participating in those few traditions or events signify holiday “success.” If you’re able to comfortably accommodate more, then fine. If not, let the other expectations go.

Make Holiday Preparations a Group Activity

Don’t try to make holiday preparations a command performance by you alone. Instead, get help by:

  • Having the kids help you peel the potatoes
  • Inviting your friends to make the pies and wrap presents with you
  • Choose and trim the tree as a family

You may also have your own ideas for spreading the workload on necessary tasks.

Limit Spending

Consider making an agreement among family members to limit the number of gifts you’ll exchange or how much you’ll spend per gift. You can also exchange homemade or recycled gifts. In addition, you can create a White Elephant/Secret Santa exchange that only requires a single gift from each person.

Limit Alcohol

Alcohol is a depressant and can amplify negative emotions. It’s also our nation’s #1 “gateway” drug. Instead of drinking, try—and serve—increasingly appealing “mocktails,” which are adult-type beverages without the alcohol.

Get Enough Exercise and Sleep

In addition to being a great stress-reducer, exercise is an excellent way to get the sleep you need at night. You might also need to cut back on caffeine if you’re using it to get through your “to-do list.” Instead, you can rely on NAD+ to boost your energy levels. (NAD also helps regulate sleep cycles.)

Don’t Neglect Your Spiritual Practice

The busier we get, the more we need to connect with deeper aspects of life. A wise teacher famously said, “Meditate for 20 minutes a day, unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for an hour.”

Schedule a Quiet Moment With Memories of Loved Ones

If you’re missing someone dear to you, light a candle in front of their photograph and tell them how much you miss them. Consider setting a place for them at your holiday dinner table and explain to your other guests why it is there. Share stories of how much they meant to you. Include your loved ones in your holiday, even if they are not physically present.

Make Your Presence the Present

After all, the point of the holiday season is the sharing of love and goodwill—not the sharing of expensive gifts or calorie-laden meals. That means caring for yourself so that you can share your best self with those who matter to you. And if you need a NAD booster (and truly, who doesn’t?), give us a call now!

When an Anxiety Recovery Center Is Needed

Sometimes, the pressure to do too much, eat too much, drink too much, and spend too much can be overwhelming. You may also be affected by such things as:

  • The fear of disappointing loved ones
  • The grief that some of our loved ones are no longer with us
  • A general sense of being out of sync with the rest of humanity

Issues such as these can drown out our healthy practices, including our serenity and sobriety. If this happens to you, an anxiety recovery center can help. The professionals in this kind of facility have extensive experience in treating anxiety. They also know how to develop customized plans that suit your needs.

Get Help From Springfield Wellness’ Treatment Facilities for Anxiety

There’s no need to suffer this holiday season. At Springfield Wellness, we offer high-quality treatment facilities for anxiety. Our anxiety recovery center can help you recover from any kind of serious, life-disrupting anxiety disorder.

If you know that the holidays can trigger you, take preventive action: stock up on your supply of BR+NAD nasal spray, dermal cream, or skin patch, or better yet, come in for an IV booster. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure.