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Don’t Let Addiction Affect Your Family This New Year

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Do you have a loved one affected by alcohol addiction? Are you tirelessly searching for ways to help while learning how addiction affects families? Unfortunately, your loved one probably doesn’t realize the extent to which their addiction is affecting those around them. If you let the addiction continue, it could cost your loved one their life. Effective treatment can prevent this from happening. This treatment begins with help from an alcohol detox center.

Signs Your Loved One May Need an Alcohol Detox Program

The number of adults and children affected by alcohol addiction is alarming. Unfortunately, it is often hard to tell if someone has an addiction or is beginning to develop an addiction. The most common signs of addiction are as follows:

  • The need for larger and larger amounts of alcohol to get the same effect
  • Withdrawal symptoms are experienced when intoxication wears off
  • The inability to stop drinking even if the person wants to
  • A significant amount of time is spent thinking about drinking
  • A loss of interest in previously important things
  • Drinking enough to have trouble performing important everyday tasks

These are just a few of the signs of alcohol addiction. Others may also occur.

How Addiction Affects Friends and Family at the Onset

Everyone is biologically different and will react and respond differently to alcohol. Additionally, the amount of time and the amount of alcohol use it takes for a person to become addicted also varies. Therefore, it’s sometimes difficult to determine how addiction affects families at the onset of the situation.

It’s very common for a family to be unable to recognize that their loved one has an addiction. And, even when the family feels pretty certain their loved one is becoming addicted or already has an addiction, denial is also common.

A family that doesn’t admit there is a problem can quickly become enablers of the addiction. Sometimes, it’s not until the family admits a problem exists that their loved one gets the help they need. Unfortunately, this realization can come too late.

How Addiction Affects Friends and Family as It Progresses

As addiction continues to progress, its effects will begin to grow beyond the immediate family to friends, coworkers, and neighbors. According to NCBI, the family of an addicted loved one can also begin to display effects from that addiction. Many people begin to interact differently with the family unit and with others.

They may also display negative behavior, parental inconsistency, denial, a miscarried expression of anger, self-medication, unrealistic expectations, and more. Addiction can affect families in other ways, as well. For example, family members might respond by becoming codependent. They may also begin to abuse alcohol themselves.

How to Get Addiction Help for a Loved One

The only way the cycle of addiction will stop is if you get help. That means getting help not only for the person with the addiction but also for the family unit as well. Finding a reputable treatment center such as Springfield Wellness Center can help with the following services:

  • Alcohol detox
  • Mental health services
  • Mood disorder programs
  • General health and wellness programs
  • Wellness empowerment meetings
  • Brain restoration and NDA+ (BR+NAD)

How an Alcohol Detox Program Can Help

For anyone addicted to alcohol, the journey toward a reliable recovery begins with alcohol detox. Detox is designed to provide expert help while your loved one goes through alcohol withdrawal. This is crucial for a couple of reasons.

First, without getting help for withdrawal, your loved one may find the process overwhelming. In turn, they may decide to halt their recovery plans there and then. The assistance provided in supervised detox makes it far easier to avoid this unfortunate scenario.

In addition, withdrawing from alcohol at home can be dangerous. That’s especially true if your loved one is a heavy drinker affected by long-term alcoholism. In these circumstances, potentially fatal withdrawal complications can develop. Professional oversight provides immediate help for any complications and might just save their life.

Seeking Holiday Alcohol Detox

With New Year’s festivities, alcohol use across the US is predictably on the rise. Your loved one with drinking problems may be tempted to join in. However, holiday alcohol detox is a much better option for your sake and theirs. Instead of running into serious trouble, your loved one can meet the upcoming year alcohol-free.

Springfield Wellness Center’s Alcohol Detox Program Can Help

The Springfield Wellness Center in Louisiana is here for you and your loved one. We treat the whole person, as well as the entire family unit. Our expert addiction team is full of caring, compassionate people who know what to do to help you and your loved one get back to a new normal. Therefore, call us today at 844.334.4727 to schedule a consultation or learn exactly how addiction affects families.