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How to Cherish Memories With Your Loved One

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As America’s population ages, Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia are growing more common. Unfortunately, if you or someone you love is affected by dementia, your precious memories (or those of a loved one) may be at risk. How can you maximize the time available to cherish your memories? By seeking Alzheimer’s and dementia treatment as soon as possible. Early treatment can help slow the speed of memory loss and other major symptoms.

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Why Is Early Action Important for Alzheimer’s Treatment?

Why do experts place such a heavy emphasis on early Alzheimer’s treatment? To answer this question, it helps to understand how the disease develops. There are three stages of Alzheimer’s:

  • Early-stage
  • Middle-stage
  • Late-stage

Early-stage Alzheimer’s is the mildest form of the disease. At this stage, you will typically still be able to function independently. You will also still retain much of your normal mental function. Initial signs of declining memory are common. However, these signs tend to be relatively minor compared to the later stages of the disease.

There is currently no way to prevent Alzheimer’s from worsening over time. However, you can take steps to manage its effects. In turn, effective management can help extend the amount of time you remain functional. The sooner you start this process, the better.

Methods Used at Alzheimer’s Treatment Centers

What methods do Alzheimer’s treatment centers use to help you manage your condition? The specific options put to use are not the same for everyone. However, most people benefit from some combination of medication and therapy. Medications called cholinesterase inhibitors can change your brain chemistry that supports sound memory function. Another medication, called memantine, can have the same positive effect.

Alzheimer’s therapy provides practical support for everyday life with the disease. It can help promote memory retention in a couple of ways. First, a therapist can show you how to arrange your surroundings so that it’s easier to focus. A therapist can also show you to simplify daily tasks so that they’re easier to remember and complete. 

NAD Therapy at an Alzheimer’s Rehabilitation Center

Other professionally administered options may also help you retain cherished memories. At some Alzheimer’s rehabilitation centers, those options include NAD therapy. This therapy aims to improve your brain’s access to nicotinic adenine dinucleotide, or NAD. 

Every day, your brain relies on NAD naturally stored in your body. This chemical helps support some of your most basic processes. But for various reasons, your NAD levels can drop. And if you have a condition like Alzheimer’s, that decrease can potentially lead to worsening symptoms. NAD therapy relies on IV doses of the chemical to restore your brain’s optimal supply. This kind of support may help preserve memory and other core brain functions.

Additional Support for Short-Term Alzheimer’s Disease Recovery

You can also take other steps to encourage short-term Alzheimer’s disease recovery or relief. Common recommendations include:

  • Getting plenty of exercise
  • Staying active in other areas of your life
  • Creating and sticking to a calendar of activities

All of these options can have a positive impact on your general welfare. They may also have specific benefits for memory loss or other Alzheimer’s symptoms.

Learn More About Alzheimer’s Treatment at Springfield Wellness Center

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