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The Importance of Drug Detox

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Drug addiction is a phenomenon that affects millions of Americans and their families each year. Many difficulties arise in the form of prescription drug abuse as well as the misuse of illegal substances and alcohol. Sadly, only a very small percentage of addicted individuals seek professional treatment, choosing rather to suffer alone or attempt self-treatment. This lack of treatment takes a physical and mental toll on both the individual and friends and family. Let’s look at the vital importance of drug detox within a professional setting.

Drug Detox Statistics

An examination of the numbers reveals that 21 million people struggle with some type of drug or substance addiction in the United States alone. More shocking is the fact that barely 10% of those suffering addictions will pursue professional drug treatment.

Treating Different Addictions

There are many different therapies used within an addiction treatment program (counseling, medication, group therapy, etc.). Let’s examine one newer type of therapy and how it can greatly assist in substance detox across the board.

This cutting-edge treatment focuses on the body’s NAD+ levels. Nearly every cell in the human body contains natural substance NAD+. This important substance assists in maintaining physical and mental balance.

Unfortunately, drug abuse tends to deplete NAD+ levels in the body, resulting in a host of physical and mental issues. Doctors who specialize in drug detoxification have been experimenting successfully with ways to use NAD+ to replenish the body’s natural levels, thus expediting and easing the detox process. One of the most successful methods of boosting NAD+ levels is through intravenous administration.

Let’s look at the role intravenous NAD+ can play in different types of substance/drug detox:

  • Opioid Detox – NAD+ treatment can reduce withdrawal symptoms and assist in replenishment of the cells of both mind and body
  • Alcohol Detox – NAD+ treatment reduces both withdrawal symptoms and cravings, resulting in less likelihood of relapse
  • Benzodiazepine Detox – NAD+ treatment helps bring the brain’s neurons into balance, lessening withdrawal symptoms and assisting the body in natural detoxification
  • Stimulant Detox – NAD+ helps to rejuvenate and repair damaged brain neurons as well as boosting brain energy and function
  • Psychotropic Detox – NAD+ helps to increase brain energy as well as potentially repairing neuron and DNA damage

What Is the Importance of Drug Detox?

The first benefit of professional drug detox is available for medical expertise. Self-detox has proven very ineffective and rarely lasting. When you enter a drug detox center, you gain access to a complete medical team that can cater treatment to your exact needs, and that truly understands the ins and outs of your applied therapies.

Secondly, the accountability available at a professional facility cannot be substituted with self-treatment. Detox is an extremely difficult process to go through. Surrounding yourself with knowledgeable professionals and encouraging peers will only safeguard and motivate you as you walk your path.

How Can I Get Support During My Drug Detox?

The importance of drug detox cannot be underestimated. It is the vital first step in getting your life back on track.

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Our dedicated staff administers not only the highly effective NAD+ treatment, but we also offer group therapies, holistic health options, and individual counseling, as well as many other options.

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