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Intravenous NAD for chronic stress and fatigue

person smiling while giving testimonial after receiving nad for chronic stress and fatigue

Intravenous NAD for chronic stress and fatigue

Watch the euphoric testimonial of a 26-year-old patient with a history of Crohn’s Disease, endometriosis requiring multiple cyst removals, along with multiple surgeries and hospitalizations. She came to us for treatment of her severe anxiety and chronic fatigue, which were a result of her history of pain, repeated hospitalizations, and invasive procedures.

We treated her for five days of gradually decreasing infusions of NAD. She also received daily psychotherapy. Throughout the course of her 5-day treatment, she reported improvements in her mood, energy, and the pain symptoms she normally experienced in her hands and feet. She also reported an improvement in her appetite. As seen and heard in the video, she was very happy about her response and has not needed to return to the clinic for any follow-up since this treatment.