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NAD IV Therapy & Alcohol Abuse Disorder

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According to the 2021 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 28.6 million adults ages 18 and older (11.3% in this age group) had Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) in 2021. AUD is a medical condition characterized by an impaired ability to stop or control alcohol use despite adverse social, occupational, or health consequences.


What is Chemical Dependency


Alcohol use disorder can be mild, moderate, or severe, based on the number of symptoms you experience. The Mayo Clinic lists the following signs and symptoms of AUD:

  • Being unable to limit the amount of alcohol you drink
  • Wanting to cut down on how much you drink or making unsuccessful attempts to do so
  • Spending a lot of time drinking, getting alcohol, or recovering from alcohol use
  • Feeling a strong craving or urge to drink alcohol
  • Failing to fulfill major obligations at work, school, or home due to repeated alcohol use
  • Continuing to drink alcohol even though you know it’s causing physical, social, work, or relationship problems
  • Giving up or reducing social and work activities and hobbies to use alcohol
  • Using alcohol in situations where it’s not safe, such as when driving or swimming
  • Developing a tolerance to alcohol so you need more to feel its effect or you have a reduced effect from the same amount
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms — such as nausea, sweating, and shaking — when you don’t drink, or drinking to avoid these symptoms

Alcohol abuse leads to a buildup of neurotoxic compounds and depletes our brains of the essential coenzyme Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+), which is important for cognitive functioning, DNA repair, cell signaling, fighting inflammation, and other critical physiological functions.

When individuals consume alcohol excessively, toxins build up in the brain’s neurons. As they build up, NAD+ becomes depleted. This depletion contributes to a wide array of physical, mental, and behavioral issues.

At Springfield Wellness Center, we use a proprietary detoxification regimen called BR+ NAD®, which replenishes NAD+ and helps to restore the brain. (That’s what BR+ stands for, “Brain Restoration.”) Our detox process eases you through alcohol withdrawal with minimal discomfort while reducing or often eliminating cravings entirely.

Our natural detox method lays the groundwork for sobriety and helps you to start a healthy and active lifestyle. Some of our patients get “the eraser effect,” and never think about drinking alcohol again. Others learn to avoid situations that “trigger” them, and also know that they can return for a booster any time they feel in danger of a relapse. In addition, our caring and compassionate therapists will also assist you in addressing any of the emotional or psychological issues that might have led to alcohol use in the past and will help you develop more effective strategies for managing life stresses.

Together with BR+ NAD®, this holistic treatment of body, mind, and spirit can set you on the path to a lifetime of clarity and purpose. If you or a loved one need help in overcoming alcohol, call us at 844.334.4727. We’re here to help.