Springfield Wellness Center: Setting the standard for NAD care in the United States

People continue to travel from all over the United States for treatment at Springfield Wellness Center for three reasons:

  1. We were the first intravenous NAD clinic in the country,
  2. We have more than 20 years of experience using NAD to treat a wide variety of conditions.
  3. We remain the leader in high-potency NAD treatments for conditions ranging from addiction to migraines, Alzheimer’s to Parkinson’s and CTE, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and chronic stress—and also to boost athletic performance and cognitive functioning, as well as overall wellness and enhanced longevity.


We have become a place for patients to release their fears and embrace the opportunities of a new life. We are steadfastly committed to helping those who may be struggling.

In contrast, conventional treatment for addiction relies on medication-assisted treatment (MAT), which substitutes another narcotic for the addictive substance. This would perhaps be justifiable if no alternative were available. But that is not the case. Since 2001, Springfield Wellness Center has demonstrated that there is a safe, effective alternative: intravenous NAD.

NAD’s effectiveness at treating other conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and migraines, remains largely unknown, primarily because it is non-pharmaceutically based, which means there is no pharmaceutical industry lobbying for its acceptance by the insurance industry as an effective (and thus, covered) treatment.


NAD has been embraced by the alternative medicine and wellness movements, which is why we are now witnessing the proliferation of drip bars and infusion clinics offering NAD treatments. While it is wonderful to see NAD finally making its way into the mainstream, we have two concerns:

  1. It is up to consumers to discern the quality and quantity of NAD they are receiving: 500 mg/dose (or less) at most drip bars, or 1500 mg/dose at Springfield Wellness Center.
  2. NAD treatments remain unrecognized by the medical establishment/insurance industry and thus are only accessible to people with the means to pay for them out-of-pocket.

As the country’s leader in intravenous NAD treatments, as well as a leader in NAD investigation through our sister organization, NAD Research, Inc., we are working towards the day that NAD is an accepted, widely utilized, and fully insured treatment for all of the conditions for which it is effective.


In the meantime, choosing Springfield Wellness Center for your NAD treatments means choosing a safe, effective, personalized experience. We have dedicated every facet of our practice to promoting and educating everyone on the benefits of NAD. There simply is no other provider more qualified in knowledge or experience with NAD in the entire country. We are the NAD authority. With more than two decades of experience administering NAD to countless patients, our results speak for themselves.