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Sober Activities for Mardi Gras

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The annual Mardi Gras celebration is world-famous for its typically raucous party atmosphere. It’s also famous (or should we say infamous) for its heavy emphasis on alcohol and drinking. This presents a serious dilemma for anyone who has done the hard work of getting sober in an alcohol detox center.

You want to stay sober and make sure all of that work continues to pay off. However, at the same time, you also want to enjoy the Mardi Gras season. Is it possible to do both of these things? Absolutely. Need some help meeting this goal? Here are some great ideas for sober activities during Mardi Gras.

Mardi Gras Sober Activities, Idea #1: Look for Family-Friendly Events

You may think of Mardi Gras as a time for adults only. But today, family-friendly events are also plentiful. These events either don’t emphasize drinking or don’t allow drinking at all. Public family-friendly events you can typically find each year include:

  • Parade-watching parties
  • Picnics
  • Mini festivals held in New Orleans or surrounding communities

Private events are also common. Check with your friends and family to see if they’re hosting a picnic or party you can attend. 

Staying Sober at Mardi Gras, Idea #2: Bring Sober Friends and Family With You

In the past, you may have attended Mardi Gras festivities along with others who drank or took drugs. However, this is not a great idea if you’re sober now. Why not? It’s hard for someone in recovery to avoid being triggered by their friends’ substance use. And repeated exposure to these kinds of triggers may put you on the fast track to relapse.

Instead, attend the season’s festivities with others you know who are dedicated to sobriety. There’s strength in numbers, especially during an alcohol-centered event like Mardi Gras. If you go out with others who have the same commitment to staying sober, you can reinforce each other. That way, you can give and receive ongoing support throughout the day.

Mardi Gras Sober Activities, Idea #3: Stay Vigilant 

Even with support from sober friends and family, it can be tough to avoid drinking triggers during Mardi Gras. And it’s often the unexpected things that cause the biggest problems. To keep your risks as low as possible, remember to stay vigilant at all times. Specific steps you can take include:

  • Knowing when your addiction triggers have been activated
  • Having a plan in place to deal with these triggers as they arise
  • Saying no to situations that push you beyond your safe zone of sobriety

You can also plan in advance to simply go home if you get overwhelmed by your surroundings.

Staying Sober at Mardi Gras, Idea #4: Stay Home and Host Your Own Sober Event

One great way to make sure you maintain sobriety is to stay home and host your own sober event. Invite people who are either sober themselves or willing to avoid drinking for the day. Together, you can create your own celebration complete with food, fun and alcohol-free beverages. You just might find that you don’t miss the big, public celebrations at all. 

Seek Help From Springfield Wellness’ Alcohol Detox Center in Louisiana

For some people, the best thing to do during Mardi Gras is find a local alcohol detox center in Louisiana. Whether you need to touch base with a doctor or enroll in treatment, this option can help you stay substance-free. 

At Springfield Wellness Center, we understand the vital need to keep your sobriety intact. No matter where you are in your recovery, we feature programs that suit your situation. To learn more about how we can help, call us today at 844.334.4727 or contact us through our online form.