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Treatment for CTE in Springfield, LA

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a brain illness linked to repeated exposure to concussions and other head injuries. Like many states, Louisiana has laws designed to reduce concussion exposure.1

Nevertheless, cases of CTE still occur. The effects of the illness get worse over time. But with help, you can slow CTE progression and preserve brain function. One option for achieving this goal is NAD treatment for CTE, which helps offset concussion-related harm.

Are you looking for CTE treatment in Springfield, Louisiana? Turn to the brain health professionals at Springfield Wellness Center. We feature NAD therapy for people affected by chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Our goal is to help you maximize the day-to-day function of your brain as you deal with this severe illness.

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Do You Need CTE Treatment Services?

How can you tell if you need to seek CTE treatment near Springfield? The illness can’t be definitively diagnosed in a living person. However, certain factors can indicate a need for help. Such factors include:

  • Having a history of playing a contact sport like football
  • Being deployed in a military setting that exposes you to explosions
  • Experiencing repeated concussions for any reason

You may also experience symptoms that potentially point to CTE-related health issues. Such symptoms can include having difficulty remembering things or thinking clearly. They can also include unexplained changes in your personality. What’s more, you may feel confused or depressed, think about suicide, or act in unusually aggressive ways.

Options for CTE Treatment in Springfield

Currently, there’s no way to stop the eventual advance of CTE. Instead, the goal of CTE treatment services is to slow or delay the illness’s effects. At Springfield Wellness, we rely on the enzyme nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) to achieve this goal. 

You already have NAD in your system. It would be best if you had it to take the food you eat and turn it into fuel your cells can use. NAD also plays a crucial role in other essential body functions, including preserving and promoting normal brain health. 

If you’re affected by CTE, you may have deficient levels of NAD in your brain. Research shows that lack of the molecule can increase the impact of brain cell damage. This damage can take numerous forms, including:

  • Inflammation
  • A harmful imbalance known as oxidative stress

The goal of NAD for CTE is to increase your brain’s supply of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. This increase can offset some of the harm caused by inflammation and oxidative stress. As a result, you may be able to preserve brain function or ease the impact of some of your symptoms.

How Is Springfield CTE Treatment Carried Out?

How do we carry out CTE treatment at Springfield Wellness? Typically, treatment starts with a week’s worth of intravenous NAD supplementation. After receiving this starting dose, you’ll return for follow-up doses roughly every month to 45 days. 

We also augment NAD treatment with other measures. These measures include nutritional advice and guidance and help change your lifestyle to support treatment goals. The nutrition and lifestyle guidance you receive is customized to fit your particular needs and situation.

Call Today to Get CTE Treatment at Springfield Wellness Center

Are you concerned that you or your loved one may be affected by CTE? Talk to the knowledgeable staff at Springfield Wellness Center. We can help you assess your risks for the illness. We can also help you decide whether to enroll in Springfield CTE treatment. 

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  1. Louisiana Youth Concussion Act