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Warning Signs of Chronic Stress

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Stress is a normal part of the human experience. When family problems, finances, or your work environment creates tension, you may respond in a stressful manner. Stress can be a positive motivator from time to time. However, if you are constantly in pain, have trouble sleeping, or cannot focus, you may be suffering from warning signs of chronic stress and in need of a chronic stress disorder treatment center.

Chronic stress can affect every part of your life, including your health. You may feel specific physical symptoms every time you get stressed out. Equally, you may get stressed out all of the time. As your stress becomes worse, it does not take much for you to feel stress. Your body becomes accustomed to reacting to given situations every time they arise.

Warning Signs of Chronic Stress

There are several ways that your body may be telling you that you need help, such as:

  • Pain such as muscle tension, neck & back, or constant headaches
  • You feel nauseous if even you do not vomit
  • You drink a lot of water, but your mouth still feels dry
  • Your chest is pounding, and your heart is beating rapidly
  • You experience irregular sleeping patterns – too much or not enough
  • You experience irregular eating patterns – too much or not enough

There are other chronic stress symptoms you may experience when you are stress out all the time, such as inability to focus, memory problems, feeling jittery, or an overall feeling of anxiety. People around you may notice that you are irritable often.

Consequences of Long-Term Stress

Stress can follow you around in all situations of your life for several months or years. Your body can only take so much stress for so long. Eventually, you will start to experience more severe side effects, including:

  • Long-term depression, anxiety, or a personality disorder
  • Multiple heart problems including high blood pressure, heart disease, heart attack or stroke
  • Eating disorders such as anorexia or obesity
  • Lack of interest in sexual activity
  • Combination of skin and hair problems including acne, psoriasis, or hair loss
  • Ulcers and other digestive conditions that can cause severe pain

If you experience any of these symptoms, you should seek medical help right away. You may also want to visit a chronic stress disorder treatment center to explore long-term treatment for your condition. Getting therapy for stress can help you manage your symptoms and learn how to handle situations in your life.

A treatment specialist can provide care for conditions that may be causing you stress. For instance, you may be suffering from addiction, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder. With the right help, you can identify your condition and work toward finding a solution.

Get Treatment for Chronic Stress Today

Don’t ignore the warning signs of chronic stress. Get help today at Springfield Wellness Center. We offer comprehensive care for chronic stress and other mental disorders at our chronic stress disorder treatment center. To find out more about your treatment options, call us today at 844.334.4727. We are committed to helping you achieve wellness.