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What Are Some Dangers Of Mixing Substances

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Everyone needs to beware of the dangers of mixing substances. Doing so can lead to serious medical issues aside from addiction. Polydrug abuse is the act of taking more than one drug at a time. This is quite dangerous for many reasons. However, the two most common problems are blatant: drug treatment is more complex, and the dangers of mixing substances are deadly. Mixing substances is like dragging your body violently into two different directions at once. That is the inherent danger of mixing substances that have opposite physiological effects. However, if you’re mixing substances that have the same effect, for example – two depressants, then you are doubling the physiological effects of each substance.

Experts agree that when you are chasing a high, you are not paying attention to the amount of the substance or the time you consumed the substance. As a result, the chance for overdose is higher. If you are just looking for a positive or “high” effect, you are not aware of the details.

An Especially Dangerous Combination: Benzodiazepines and Alcohol

The dangers of mixing substances are always present. However, there are some more dangerous combination than others. The mixture of benzos and alcohol is especially dangerous. Both alcohol and benzodiazepines depress the central nervous system. Too much of these substances in combination can slow your breathing down to a dangerous level. Conversely, taking two stimulant substances like cocaine and Adderall can increase your heart rate to a dangerous level, resulting in a stroke or heart attack.

At Springfield Wellness Center, we are concerned for your physical and mental health. That is why we have designed programming to address all facets of the rehabilitative process. Your addiction is highly individualized. You may have an underlying mental illness, or you may have a mental illness that has been brought on by your substance addiction. Our experienced and appropriately credentialed staff will work with you toward finding your way out of addiction.

Signs That You Are Facing the Dangers of Mixing Substances

Outward signs that you are experiencing the physiological effects of mixing substances include:

  • An excessively slow heart rate
  • An excessively fast heart rate
  • An excessively slow rate of breathing
  • Dilated and constricted pupils
  • Sudden and chronic fatigue
  • Inability to sleep

Springfield Wellness Center – Will Help You Recover

We are not opposed to medication tapers for withdrawal symptoms from a variety of substances. At Springfield Wellness Center, we realize that your body has become physiologically addicted to the substance. As a result, you need a physiological withdrawal from the substance. Also, you have become psychologically addicted to the substance, as well. At Springfield Wellness Center, we treat all facets of your addiction. Additionally, we treat Neurodegenerative diseases, as well. Striving for wholeness, the staff at Springfield Wellness Center uses innovative approaches to treat the whole person. Here is a shortlist of some of the programming we offer:

Springfield Wellness Center – Will Help You Be Restored

Leave the stigma of needing assistance with drugs and or alcohol rehabilitation behind you. At Springfield Wellness Center, we have the compassionate and experienced staff to get you or your loved one the treatment necessary to make a lasting recovery. We understand that substance abuse can be complex and requires both physical treatments like detox as well as mental health treatment. Our counselors and therapists make it a point to help individuals not only heal from addiction but build a foundation for a lasting recovery. Reach out to us today at 844.334.4727. Our intake staff is waiting for your call.