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What is a Wellness Empowerment Meeting?

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What Is A Wellness Empowerment Meeting?

You’ve done it this time. You’ve walked into a wellness empowerment meeting. What is a wellness empowerment meeting? Don’t turn around and walk out. You are in the right place. This meeting is the place where we celebrate the wonder of sobriety! If you want to learn just what is a wellness empowerment meeting or if you’re looking for wellness empowerment meetings in Springfield, LA,  come to the Springfield Wellness Center.

Do I Have To Be At Springfield To Participate?

You’re wondering just what is a wellness empowerment meeting. It is a way to socialize and meet other people who are in recovery. This group typically takes place after you have completed treatment at Springfield. It is an alumni meeting. However, you don’t necessarily have to be an alumnus of Springfield Wellness Center to join.

These Meetings Are Chock-full Of Positive And Supportive Energy

The wellness empowerment meeting is a departure from the typical 12-step support group. The 12-step programming works for a lot of individuals, and it is a great thing. However, some of our alumni expressed an interest in trying a different structure for their aftercare support. To answer this request, we created the wellness empowerment meeting!

We try to make sure that the meetings have a flow of positive energy. Unfortunately, in a typical 12- step model support group, you sometimes find people who are just entering recovery. As a result, their level of need may be quite different from that of an aftercare patient. They’re in the dangerous portion of their recovery as they try to figure out what real life looks like when they are sober. There is a lot of relapsing and continued use in the 12 step programs.

A Departure From The Norm

The structure of a 12-step meeting can bring on a need for posture. Some group members feel they may have to put on a front or a show to encourage the newcomers. They may misrepresent themselves to the old-timers. Conversely, what happens during a wellness empowerment meeting is quite different.

That Sounds Good – What Happens During A Wellness Empowerment Meeting?

We do just that – we empower. We develop a support group where people can come in and get the emotional and social support they need to move on positively in their recovery. This structure is not concrete. As a result, spontaneity is rampant. It’s more of a social gathering than a recitation of rules and levels and reports.

How Often Are They Held?

These meetings occur twice a month at Springfield. We’re hoping that the response stays as enthusiastic as it has been. Once you know what happens during a wellness empowerment meeting, we want your input as to how to make the sessions even more engaging and relevant to you. The chances are high that you’ll hear a tidbit that can help you and your recovery. You may catch a snippet of an instance where someone struggled with sobriety. You may get the floor, and you’ll tell how you dealt with a challenging situation with a loved one. All of these things and more are things that you will encounter at one of our wellness empowerment meetings.

Springfield – An Innovator For Decades

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A Tad About NAD

The breakthrough that is NAD revolutionizes the drug detoxification process as it takes a lot of the pain away from the drug withdrawal dynamic. We can credit the founders of Springfield Wellness Center, who introduced NAD to the drug rehabilitation space. Find out more about our innovative facility today, call 844.334.4727.