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What is Chemical Dependency?

Chemical dependency is a term which is also used synonymously with addiction, drug habit or substance abuse. It refers to a condition where an individuals feels compelled to take drugs or drink alcohol even when they understand that this can harm their health, family and social life and finances.

Unfortunately, the menace of drug addiction and misuse is rapidly growing in the US population. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), about 20 million adult US Citizens suffered from drug addiction in the year 2014 alone! Talking globally, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the global burden for diseases caused due to alcohol and drug addiction is about 5.4%.  However, the good news is that with motivation and proper guidance, you can easily say goodbye to addiction. Here’s everything you need to know about chemical dependency.

What are the Symptoms of Chemical Dependency?

Their are a variety of signs which can indicate that a person has become dependent on a specific drug. Some of them are:

  • Loss of Interest – individuals with chemical dependency often lose interest in activities which they previously used to enjoy like reading, listening to music or going for a walk. The only thing they are interested in is the substance which they are hooked on.
  • Getting – people with chemical dependency can’t say no the drugs they are dependent on. They would spend most part of the day getting high or thinking about getting high.
  • Depression – another most common symptom of chemical dependency is the extreme feeling or depression or anxiety, coupled recurrent suicidal thoughts.
  • Decrease in Productivity – drug dependence also results in a significant decline in the productivity and motivation at workplace among the victims.
  • Tendency to Engage in Risky Behavior – in an attempt to maintain the same feeling of getting high which they get with the drugs or alcohol, victims of chemical dependency tend to engage in risk activities like drunk driving, overspeeding or having unprotected sex.
  • Craving – this is the most dangerous effect of chemical dependency. When the victims cannot get their hands on their drugs, they feel a strong craving which can make them restless, irritable and they would do anything to fulfil their craving.

What is the Treatment for Chemical Addiction?

Fighting chemical dependence may be quite difficult, but it is certainly not impossible. Here are few things which can be helpful:

  • Realization – the first step in getting rid of any problem is realizing that you have one. Once you realize that you have a problem, you will have the motivation and energy to get rid of this menace.
  • Join a Support Group – going to a support group can be beneficial in many ways to help with chemical dependence. By talking, and sharing stories with people who are, or have gone through similar problems, victims get hope and the motivation to stop the drug abuse.
  • Counselling – counseling, in the form of cognitive and behavioral therapy has also been shown to be quite helpful in fighting chemical drug dependence or addiction. Such therapies help the victims in realizing that they have a serious problem at their hands, and they need to make serious efforts to get rid of it if they want to enjoy a healthy and happy life. Another aspect of counselling or psychotherapy is the management of anger, depression or suicidal thoughts associated with withdrawal or chemical dependence.
  • Detox – chemical dependence cannot be eliminated without completely eliminating the drugs. The process of removing these drugs from these drugs is known as detoxification. Unfortunately, detoxification can only be carried out under the supervision of qualified and trained medical professionals, as severe withdrawal symptoms are experienced during the process, some of which are even life-threatening.

Finding the Right Detox Programs

It is very important that you choose a detox program which can help you completely get rid of your addiction. If you’re living in Louisiana, then your best option for a detox treatment is the Springfield Wellness Center. Here, they have a proprietary IV infusion formula based on BR+ NAD which replenishes the brain of all the essential nutrients and restore normal function of the nervous system. In addition, their protocol is designed to get rid of drug dependence once and for all.

If you are also having problems with drug addiction, don’t wait anymore because your life depends on it. Seek professional help today and start enjoying your life again. Wish you a happy and successful life ahead!