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What Is High-Functioning Depression?

A woman with high-functioning depression

Depression is known for its ability to negatively impact your life on multiple levels. However, your particular symptoms may not resemble those that affect others. That’s true, in part, because some people impacted by depression seem to function well from an outsider’s viewpoint. But this outer stability doesn’t match up with your internal state of mind. No matter how your symptoms manifest, NAD for depression may help you feel better. This form of supplemental treatment focuses on improving your overall brain health.

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What Is High-Functioning Depression?

Most people affected by depression show some visible signs of their internal struggles. The specific signs can vary. However, the typical result is:

  • Dysfunction in at least one major area of your life
  • Distress over what’s happening to you

If you have high-functioning depression, the picture changes. What is high-functioning depression? It’s a form of the illness that doesn’t cause any obvious dysfunction. From the outside, you may look like anyone else going through their daily routine. This can be true when you’re out in public, as well as when you’re home with loved ones.

But this outer stability does not reflect internal reality. Others may not readily spot depression’s impact on you. Nevertheless, that impact still takes its toll in one way or another.

Persistent Depressive Disorder

Most people who become clinically depressed meet the criteria for an illness called major depression. This is the most severe depressive illness. However, it’s not the only disorder in this category.

Many people with high-functioning depression meet the criteria for another illness: persistent depressive disorder (PDD). If you have PDD, you typically experience less extreme depression-related problems. As a result, those around you are more likely to overlook any signs of your internal state.

Possible High-Functioning Depression Symptoms

If your depression is high-functioning, you may seem okay from the outside. However, you will still experience at least some internal effects of your condition. What kinds of high-functioning depression symptoms are likely to occur? The exact symptoms aren’t the same for everyone. But some of the most common issues include:

  • Sadness
  • Feelings of helplessness or hopelessness
  • Body pains that don’t have a clear physical cause
  • Problems focusing or concentrating

You may also experience recurring thoughts of dying or committing suicide.

Potential Outer Signs of High-Functioning Depression

If you’re high-functioning, you may not display any clear outer signs of your inner depressed state. This helps explain why depression sometimes gets overlooked, even by close loved ones. Still, in some cases, those close to you may notice such outer effects.

What are some of the most likely visible signs of high-functioning depression? When you don’t have a specific social obligation, you may withdraw from contact with other people. You may also start drinking more or using drugs. Sexual performance issues are also relatively common.

These are just some of the potential signs. The effects of depression can manifest in many other different ways. For example, some affected people may seem unusually anxious or restless, even though they generally function well.

Start Your Depression Recovery at Springfield Wellness Today

What is high-functioning depression? It’s an informal subtype of depression that doesn’t leave you clearly less functional in daily life. But despite outer appearances, the illness still seriously erodes your inner stability. High-functioning people often have persistent depressive disorder (PDD), not major depression.

For a modern treatment approach to high-functioning depression, turn to the professionals at Springfield Wellness Center. We feature NAD+ therapy, which addresses the roots of depression by improving your overall brain chemistry. Our goal is to lessen the internal effects of this common illness, not just its outer manifestations. Get your recovery started today by calling us at 844.334.4727 or using our online contact form.