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3 Drug Detox Symptoms to Be Aware of

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Detoxing from drugs can be a challenging and overwhelming process. Individuals struggling with addiction and mental health issues may experience unpleasant symptoms during detoxification. These physical and psychological symptoms can make the withdrawal process painful and uncomfortable.

At Springfield Wellness Center, we understand the importance of detoxing in a safe and supportive environment. Our team of medical professionals implements a comprehensive approach to drug detoxification, using innovative and effective methods, such as NAD infusions to help patients achieve a successful recovery.

Our comprehensive approach aims to alleviate the symptoms associated with drug detoxification, which helps individuals move past the initial stages of recovery and into more advanced treatment options designed to address mental and emotional health issues. Call 844.334.4727 to start drug detox today and get on the path toward a more fulfilling life.

What Is Drug Detox?

Drug detox refers to eliminating harmful or addictive substances from the body. It typically involves gradually reducing the drug dosage to minimize withdrawal symptoms and may require medical supervision to ensure the patient’s safety and comfort. Drug detoxification is crucial for physical health and mental wellness as it enables an individual to overcome addiction and experience a sober lifestyle.

NAD infusions, a newer approach to drug detox, involve the administration of coenzymes that are naturally present in the body, which can help replenish cells and enhance brain function. This treatment is thought to aid in the breakdown of toxins and improve mood and energy levels. Drug detox is a pivotal step towards long-term recovery and improved quality of life for those struggling with addiction.

3 Drug Detox Symptoms

Addiction is a serious condition that affects millions of people globally. One of the first steps toward recovery is to undergo a drug detox program. Becoming aware of common drug detox symptoms can provide insight into what to expect and how to prepare.

1. Nausea and Vomiting

One of the most common symptoms of drug detoxification is nausea and vomiting. This is because drugs typically alter the normal balance of body chemicals responsible for regulating digestion. Once you start the detox process, you may notice that you feel nauseated and may even feel the urge to throw up. Try eating small regular meals and sipping fluids throughout the day to ease the symptoms.

2. Insomnia

Insomnia is another common withdrawal symptom of drug detoxification. This is because your drugs may have negatively affected your sleep patterns. You may notice that you find it difficult to fall asleep or wake up multiple times at night. You can try relaxing before sleeping or practicing relaxation techniques like deep breathing to help you fall asleep faster and improve sleep quality.

3. Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are also prevalent during drug detoxification. This happens because the body is trying to adjust to a new way of functioning without drugs. You may feel guilty and ashamed, especially if drug use leads to negative consequences in your life. You may also feel pressured to manage your emotions without drugs as a coping mechanism. If anxiety and depression become unbearable, seek help from a mental health professional.

Drug detoxification is critical in overcoming drug addiction, but it can be challenging. Symptoms are common but not insurmountable. The key is to remain vigilant, focused, and persistent. Get help and support from friends, family, or professionals trained to help you cope with those symptoms. With time, patience, and hard work, you can return to normal functioning and enjoy a healthy, drug-free life.

Get Started with Drug Detox at Springfield Wellness Center

If you or a loved one is struggling with drug addiction, we encourage you to seek professional help. At Springfield Wellness Center, we offer compassionate and personalized care tailored to each patient’s unique needs, ensuring that the recovery process is a success. Contact us at 844.334.4727 to learn more about our comprehensive approach to drug detoxification and mental health recovery services.