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3 Ways on How to Detox From Benzos

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When you detox from a substance, you take steps to remove it from your bloodstream. The methods used to achieve this goal depend on the type of drug circulating in your system. What if that drug is a benzodiazepine sedative or benzo? There are several ways to detox from these powerful medications. A benzo detox center in LA can help you decide which option will work best for you.

Who Needs to Detox From Benzos

How can you tell if you need to detox from a benzo? As a rule, people who need detox, i.e., detoxification, are addicted to the substance in question. The classic indicators of a benzo addiction include:

  • Physical dependence on your medication
  • A compulsive need to find and use more of that medication
  • Lack of consideration for the harm caused by your efforts to find and use a benzo

Benzodiazepines are known for their ability to trigger these problems fairly quickly. You can become addicted to the most powerful benzos in just a few weeks’ time.

The Goals of a Benzo Detox Center

A properly designed benzo detox center focuses on helping you reach several important goals. The first of these objectives is to help you weather the intoxicating effects of the medication already in your bloodstream. Your detox treatment team will then:

  • Help you stay stable and comfortable as benzos are eliminated from your circulation
  • Take measures to ease the severity of your benzo withdrawal symptoms
  • Lay the groundwork for your enrollment in active benzo recovery

In some respects, benzo detox must take a different course than detox from most other substances. That’s true because it’s dangerous for a dependent person to suddenly stop taking benzodiazepines. If you do this, you may leave yourself vulnerable to the very worst effects of withdrawal.

How do detox professionals help you avoid triggering these effects? Typically, they do so by weaning you off benzos bit by bit. Newer supportive methods are also becoming available.

How to Detox From Benzos – 3 Possible Options

All effective detox programs are individualized to fit personal needs. This means that not everyone who detoxes from benzos requires the same form of support. Options that may be used in your particular case include:

  1. Weaning you off the benzo you were taking before entering treatment
  2. Switching you to another benzo and then weaning you off that second medication
  3. Using NAD+ therapy

When choosing how to detox from benzos, doctors consider the medication already in your system. It may be possible to directly wean you off a relatively weak benzodiazepine. However, if you’re addicted to a powerful benzo, it’s better to switch to a safer alternative.

Regardless of the weaning method in use, NAD+ therapy can help support your system. It does so by replenishing your natural supply of NAD, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. This chemical works in the background to promote some of your body’s most important functions. In people affected by addiction, it often falls below its normal required levels. A NAD boost can make it easier for you to quit using benzos.

Learn More About Ways to Detox From Benzos at Springfield Wellness Center

Benzo detox is a crucial first step for recovery from sedative addiction. Want more information on ways to successfully take this step? Get the details you need from the experts at Springfield Wellness.

Need benzo detox services? Springfield Wellness is your source for customized options that take your personal considerations into account. As a leading provider of NAD+ therapy, we’re uniquely qualified to include this option in your detox plan. To get your recovery underway, just call us today at 844.334.4727 or complete our online form.