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Do I Need Mental Health Treatment?

How you think, feel, and behave are all part of your mental health. While we all experience moments of sadness, worry, or euphoria, rarely do those instances rise up to the level of something to be concerned about. However, sometimes people do suffer a disturbance in their mental health. Sudden and extreme changes in how you or a loved one thinks, feels, or acts may be due to a mental health disorder. If you’re asking yourself, ‘Do I need mental health treatment?’ the best route to go is to a professional for an assessment.

Warning Signs: Do I Need Mental Health Treatment?

It’s good that you are asking this question and willing to seek out help. Left untreated mental health disorders severely damage relationships, make it difficult to function in social settings, and hamper performance at work or in school. Because there is no standard cultural measure for what constitutes a mental health disorder, we need to be vigilant. Also, we must educate ourselves on possible signs and symptoms. Broadly speaking, if someone experiences sudden personality changes, erratic sleeping patterns, withdrawal from normal activities, and substance abuse, they may be suffering from a mental health disorder.

Excessive anxiety. Prolonged sadness or excessive anger and hostility in inappropriate situations can be signs of depression. As a mood disorder, depression affects millions every year. Another common issue is excessive, and needless worry is a sign of anxiety disorder. Extreme mood swings can signal a bipolar disorder or borderline personality disorder. Each of these mental health issues require individuals and their loved ones to take stock of actions and behaviors. To ask, ‘Do I need mental health treatment?’ can only come once an individual knows they are breaking away from normal good mental health. Thus, they’ll know what to look for.

BR+/NAD Treatment

Often, those suffering from mental health disorders don’t recognize the signs and symptoms. They believe their issues are normal or quirks. Thus, they’ll avoid treatment, perhaps out of shame or fear, but most often due to ignorance. This is why whenever anyone asks, ‘Do I need mental health treatment?’ they need to be taken seriously. You may not know what advice to give your friend or loved one. You may ask the question of yourself and not know where to turn. The first step towards maintaining good mental health is consulting with your primary care doctor. Also, reaching out to a facility like Wellness Counseling Center to make an appointment with a mental health professional is a good first step.

At Springfield Wellness, our BR+/NAD treatment program has had success in treating all sorts of mental health issues. This innovative treatment addresses not only mental health disorders like depression and anxiety but also many other diseases like Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s.

Springfield Wellness

If you’re concerned about your mental health and wondering ‘Do I need mental health treatment?’, Springfield Wellness can provide you with the consultation and resources you need. Contact us today by calling 844.334.4727 to get started and ensure you maintain good mental health.