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Drug Addiction Treatment: Why You Can’t Just Stop on Your Own

If your loved one wanted to stop using drugs, he or she would just stop using, right? This is a common misconception that many families have. Many people with drug addiction want to stop using and stop the chemical dependency they have. Yet, they have no ability to physically stop using drugs and alcohol, even in these situations. That is why drug addiction treatment is so important.

Why Can’t You Stop?

Drug addiction occurs when a person’s body and brain become dependent on the drug of their choice. Their brain adapts to functioning with the chemical. When they do not get that chemical, the brain cannot work normally. It makes it hard for the brain to allow a person to break this habit on their own. You may have an addiction if the following circumstances occur:

  • Physical pain if you stop using.
  • You cannot stop thinking about drug use.
  • Always seeking more of the drug.
  • You cannot get through the day without it.
  • You become ill if you do not get the drug.

These are withdrawal symptoms. When withdrawal like this is occurring, it is a good indication that your body has formed a physical dependency that is nearly impossible to stop on your own. With drug addiction treatment, you can get help.

How Does Drug Addiction Treatment Help?

The key difference in drug addiction treatment is that a person needs to rid the body of this chemical in a safe environment. This is called drug and alcohol detox. During the detoxification process, you will be monitored. You may be given medications to stop the cravings and to help your brain to deal with the lack of the drug. Medications can also reduce the physical pain you feel. During this period of time, which is just a few days, your body is able to get back to its normal function.

Detox is often necessary for those who have addictions to powerful drugs such as:

  • Alcohol
  • Opioids  – including prescription pain killers
  • Stimulants
  • Benzos
  • Psychotropic substances

Drug Addiction Treatment Needs to Go Further

At Springfield Wellness Center, our team creates a customized drug treatment plan for you. Once you go through detox, we’ll provide you with outpatient drug treatment. You can live at home, as long as it is a stable environment for you, and receive outpatient drug treatment several times a week. During this period, you will learn how to cope with drug addiction, cravings, and triggers. Our goal is to help you avoid relapse.

Without our wellness center, you will gain access to the type of care you need to regain more control over your life. For many of our patients, we use BR+NAD drug treatment. This treatment plan is an innovative method of helping to improve your chances of improvement in overall health. It can help you with chemical dependency as well as mental illness conditions you may have, such as chronic stress, PTSD, depression, and anxiety. This groundbreaking treatment is changing the lives of people like you.

Drug addiction treatment is available to you through Springfield Wellness Center. You can stop using drugs. However, you need the right tools and resources to make it possible. You may find it is easier to reclaim your life and even improve on your life, with these tools and support available to you.

Are You Ready for a New Chance at Health?

Drug addiction treatment is available to most people. No matter where you are in getting the care you need, or how many times you’ve tried to stop on your own, we can help you. Learn more about the treatment options we offer at Springfield Wellness Center. Call our team at 844.334.4727 for a consultation.