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How To Reduce Cravings for Alcohol and Drugs

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Cravings for drugs or alcohol are common among people in substance recovery. Unless you can reduce your cravings, you may find it hard to avoid a relapse and remain in recovery. Fortunately, effective treatment can help. Furthermore, according to a recent drug and alcohol cravings study, one such treatment is NAD IV therapy.

If you need help to reduce cravings for alcohol and drugs, turn to the specialists at Springfield Wellness Center. We offer drug and alcohol detox programs that feature the use of NAD IV therapy. This therapy helps control your cravings and makes it easier to achieve your recovery goals.

What Are Substance Cravings?

If you’re addicted to a substance, your brain has come to rely on its presence. The two main features of this reliance are physical dependence and psychological dependence.

Physical dependence refers to the physical effects of drugs or alcohol on your brain. These effects include significant changes in your normal balance of brain chemicals. Psychological dependence refers to the emotional or mental effects of drugs or alcohol. These effects create a non-physical but genuine need to keep your substance use going.

Substance cravings occur when your physical and psychological needs for drugs or alcohol go unfulfilled. They serve as a prompt to take that next drink or that next dose. Some cravings can be relatively minor. However, many people experience powerful cravings. That’s especially true if they halt their substance use and try to get sober.

Why It’s Important to Reduce Cravings for Alcohol and Drugs

In the best of circumstances, quitting drugs or alcohol can be a major undertaking. If you’re addicted, any attempt to quit will likely lead to the onset of withdrawal symptoms. Often, those symptoms include intense cravings for more of a given substance. However, even when other signs of withdrawal have disappeared, your cravings may continue to linger.

This has a notable impact on your recovery process. Unaddressed substance cravings can make it difficult or impossible to maintain your sobriety motivation. However, things change when you reduce cravings for drugs and alcohol. When this happens, most people find it easier to stay focused on their recoveries. As a result, they may bring their recovery goals within reach.

NAD IV Therapy to Reduce Alcohol and Drug Cravings

NAD IV therapy boosts your body’s supply of nicotinic adenine dinucleotide. This naturally occurring chemical plays a hidden but vital role in your ability to do such things as:

  • Fix damage to your DNA
  • Repair cells throughout your brain and body
  • Process the energy in the food you eat

Unfortunately, many health-related problems, including addiction, can deplete your NAD levels. In turn, lowered NAD may help make those problems worse. By boosting your levels of this chemical, intravenous NAD therapy promotes stabilization of your health.

A recent pilot study examined the benefits of NAD IV therapy to reduce alcohol and drug cravings. The results of this study show that the therapy can substantially reduce cravings for alcohol and opioids. They also show that NAD IV therapy can help lower your risks for a substance relapse.

Reduce Cravings for Alcohol and Drugs With Help From Springfield Wellness

Springfield Wellness Center is one of America’s top providers of NAD IV therapy. This therapy forms part of our detox programs for both drugs and alcohol. In combination with other treatments, it helps support your sense of well-being during substance withdrawal. NAD IV therapy also helps you avoid relapse and keep your recovery on track. For more information on Springfield Wellness Center or our drug and alcohol detox options, call us today at 844.334.4727 or use our convenient online form.