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How to Tell Your Spouse They Need Addiction Therapy

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You see the warning signs of addiction in your spouse. You know he or she must get help now before things worsen. However, you have no idea how to tell this person that they need help in addiction therapy. Your family means everything to you, and our team can help. At Springfield Wellness Center, we can help your loved one to get the care he or she needs. For more information about our treatment programs, contact our team today at 844.334.4727.

How to Confront Your Spouse About What You See

To get people into addiction therapy, it becomes necessary to provide them with facts. While you may have many emotions at this point, such as frustration, anger, fear, and anxiety, you still need to provide your spouse with actual evidence of what is happening and why they need addiction therapy. Your family may depend on this. There are a few things to remember when you are ready to talk to your spouse about what’s happening, such as:

  • List specific instances when your loved one chooses drugs over family needs.
  • Talk about times when they did not meet essential responsibilities.
  • Discuss the financial toll of their addiction on your family.
  • You can provide examples of times when you were scared about their life (drunk driving, for example)
  • Outline the impact it has had on other areas of your life

Provide examples. Try to give them the basic information about what happened and how it impacted you, your children, and others who care about them. When you provide facts like this, it is hard to walk away.

You Cannot Force Family Into Therapy

Addiction therapy is not as effective when a person is forced to be involved in it. Instead, you need your loved one to understand that they need this type of care. When they want addiction therapy to fix what has happened, that’s when you will begin to see changes happen.

However, what you can do is to make it hard for your spouse to continue to use. For example, you may tell them they cannot come home and be around your children if they are not sober and clean. You may want to inform them that you will no longer provide them with access to funds to pay for alcohol or drugs. You may even want to step away from the relationship for a short amount of time. This action is a way to show them just how much they are relying on you through their addiction.

Getting into Addiction Therapy Starts with a Call

Before you confront your spouse about their addiction and what it is doing to you and your family, have a plan in place. You want to tell them that you will support them and give them the resources they need if they enroll in addiction therapy. For that reason, it is a good idea to reach out to Springfield Wellness Center now and let our team provide you with insight and support.

We offer the type of therapy your loved one needs for a wide range of addictions. We also provide additional services. Our goal is to provide care that fits your loved one’s unique needs. We encourage you to learn more about all of the services we offer, including:

Embrace Change by Calling Springfield Wellness Center

Are you ready to get help for your spouse? If they are battling addiction, they may need you to step up and help them get through it. Addiction therapy and family services, like those available to you at Springfield Wellness Center, can change your future. Please reach out to our team to learn how we can help you. Call 844.334.4727 or connect with us online today.