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Identifying a Benzo Addiction

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Benzodiazepines, or benzos, are a type of highly addictive sedative. These drugs are often prescribed to people who have insomnia, seizures, anxiety, or muscle pain. Yet, they are often misused, especially for those seeking the calming effect they tend to have on the central nervous system. Benzo addiction can be severe and even life-threatening. If you think you could have one, seeking out therapy for benzo addiction is critical. At Springfield Wellness Center, we can help you overcome the benzo you are using. To learn more, contact our team today at 844.334.4727.

Could You Have an Addiction to Benzo Drugs?

Many people use these drugs prescribed by their doctor. You use them to control the specific problems you’re having. Yet, even when you use these drugs in that manner, you may develop an addiction to benzos. If you are using any type of benzo drug, then it is a good idea to seek help from a treatment center. Some of the most common warning signs of benzo addiction include:

  • Seeking out more than one prescription
  • Using drugs prescribed to someone else
  • Engaging in risky behaviors such as driving or combining drugs
  • Being unable to stop using or reduce your usage
  • Feeling cravings and intense withdrawal symptoms when you stop using

Many people also experience physical signs of overuse of these drugs. That may include weakness and blurred vision. You may also make mistakes with judgment or have unclear thinking. Some people experience mood changes or may not be able to handle their anxiety.

What to Do When You Expect Benzo Addiction

It is not safe to stop taking the benzo drugs your doctor has you on cold-turkey. As a result, it is best to reach out to that doctor or to our team at Springfield Wellness Center to learn more about how we can help you. The key is to take action. The longer you continue to use benzos when you have an addiction, the higher the risk is for complicated withdrawal, pain, and even overdose.

Addiction therapy can work very well. It allows you to safely move off these drugs and ensure you are not dealing with any underlying health problem. When you get addiction therapy for benzo drugs, it may feel as though you are getting your life back because these drugs can be tough to manage as addiction worsens.

Finding Addiction Therapy with Our Team

Benzo addiction is something you cannot just avoid. If you think you have an addiction to them, especially if you are thinking about using them often, that is a clear indication that you need some help. Our team at Springfield Wellness Center can help you. We offer a wide range of services that are designed to support your needs.

In addition to providing addiction detox services, including benzo drugs, we also offer other services. Many of our treatments overlap, which is why we encourage you to learn more about our therapy for benzo addiction. You will find that addiction therapy is more readily available than you thought, and it can be more effective in protecting your health and your future. Learn more about the care we offer, including through services such as:

Call Springfield Wellness Center for Care

Do you think you have a Benzo addiction? Are you ready to walk away from the Benzo that is holding back your future? Our team at Springfield Wellness Center can help you. We offer a wide range of detox services that can strengthen your health by breaking your dependence. We encourage you to learn more about our addiction therapy options. Call us at 844.334.4727 or connect with us online now.