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How Long Does Opioid Detox Take?

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Are you using an opioid? These drugs, which doctors often prescribe as a treatment for pain, are very addictive. Even in those who want to follow the prescription their doctor wrote, it can be challenging to find a way to avoid addiction. Opioid detox is often necessary as it forces the body to detoxify from these chemicals. Each detox program is unique, but you can expect a few things when it comes to how long it takes to detox from opioids. Our team at Springfield Wellness Center can help you. Contact our team today at 844.334.4727 to learn more.

Why Is an Opioid Addiction So Worrisome?

Opioids are potent drugs. Most doctors turn to them when other forms of pain relief do not work or are ineffective overall. They can be used to address acute pain, such as after surgery or a significant injury. Some people use them for the treatment of chronic pain. In either case, these drugs work by changing how the neurotransmitters in the brain receive pain signals. However, they also work to trigger the pleasure center of the brain. Because of this, your brain craves them.

Once dependence occurs, which means the brain and body become dependent on the drug to function normally, it becomes impossible for you to stop using an opioid on your own. The cravings become too hard. This time is when you need to consider opioid detox.

How Long Do Detox Programs for Opioid Use Take?

It is tough to provide a length of time here because so many factors play a role in that decision. The key to remember is that you need to consider the vast number of differences in each person. For example, some of the things that impact the length of time opioid detox will take include:

  • How long you’ve used
  • How much you are using
  • If you’ve ever relapsed from use before
  • The type of opioids you are using
  • If you’ve ever overdosed on these drugs before

In most situations, opioid detox can take between a week to two weeks. Sometimes, the intensity begins within just 12 hours of not having access to the drugs. These symptoms can continue for several days until it eventually improves. It does not take long for your body to remove the substances from your body, but it takes time for the toxic chemicals left in your brain to recede.

When you seek out detox programs, you can learn more about what’ to expect in terms of healing from addiction to opioid drugs. You can also determine what to expect when you enroll in opioid detox and start the process yourself. What happens to you is going to be unique. You cannot expect what happened to loved ones to play out here for you.

Embrace a New Level of Care in Our Detox Programs

At Springfield Wellness Center, we offer a range of therapies and innovative treatment options for addiction, including opioid detox, but also for other conditions. Because of the unique services and resources we offer, we can help you gain the health and healing you need and deserve. Your first and primary goal should be to reach out to our team today to learn how we can help you. Here are some of the vast services we offer:

Break Free from Your Addiction by Calling Springfield Wellness Center Today

If you are using any type of opioid, now is the time to take action and get help. Our team at Springfield Wellness Center can provide you with the opioid detox you need while ensuring you get complete access to therapy. Our detox programs can give you back your life. To learn more, contact us today by calling 844.334.4727 or reaching out online.