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The Benefits of Drug Detox Before Addiction Treatment

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Seeking professional drug detox for the withdrawal process is easier and less uncomfortable for those who may experience withdrawal. It consists of going to a hospital or detoxification clinic and seeking support through the length of the most severe withdrawal symptoms. At Springfield Wellness Center, we provide NAD+ treatment to help patients through the worst of this process, encouraging them to successfully complete detox and move into a better and brighter future. To learn about the benefits of drug detox before addiction treatment, please contact Springfield Wellness Center today at 844.334.4727.

There Are Reduced Withdrawal Symptoms

The first benefit of our drug detox program is that patients have reduced symptoms of withdrawal. Symptoms can range from mildly uncomfortable to debilitating, and may include:

With our detox services, we administer NAD, a chemical that naturally occurs in the body, to help patients manage symptoms and keep them comfortable. This chemical can significantly decrease the effects of withdrawal. Because the process is slightly more comfortable, it is also more manageable to stay in the detox program.

It Reduces the Likelihood of Relapsing During Withdrawal

Since withdrawal symptoms can be so significant, many people end up relapsing and going back on drugs or alcohol to stop them. In some cases, this may go on to lead to an overdose as the person uses more than usual to try to cope with their symptoms. Fortunately, in a qualified detoxification center, there is 24-hour monitoring, and any uncomfortable symptoms can be treated.

Detoxification Is Guaranteed

Many experts in the field of addiction treatment have found that many of those who try to detox on their own are unable to do so successfully. To make it easier to detox and be sure that a client has the substance entirely out of their system, a professional detox program is best. In these programs, clients can go through detoxification successfully, and it’s much more likely to be comfortable for them.

It’s Safer than Going Cold Turkey

One of the most significant reasons for detoxing at a medical facility is that it’s much safer than going cold turkey. Detoxing from some substances, like detoxing from alcohol, can be dangerous. Some of the symptoms, such as delirium tremens, can be life-threatening, but with medical monitoring, it’s safer to stop drinking without the risk of hallucinations, seizures, or worse. People who take drugs may find that they relapse quickly or are at risk of life-threatening withdrawal symptoms if they stop taking drugs suddenly. This is why having a medical team monitor a client is essential throughout the peak stages of withdrawal.

There Is a Strong Support Team

The final reason to go through withdrawal with the help of a detoxification facility is that medical detox provides a better support system. Some people know that they want to quit using drugs or drinking alcohol. However, it may be challenging if the people around them still use substances or they don’t have a strong support team to help them.

A detox team is a perfect solution because the staff is going to work with a client from the point of admission until they are medically stable and able to move on to rehabilitation. They work closely with them to monitor their symptoms. They also treat underlying health conditions and manage pain and other symptoms that could otherwise lead to a relapse.

Get Help with a Detox Program at Springfield Wellness Center

At Springfield Wellness Center, we’re here to help anyone who wants to take steps to change their life. It’s possible to end addiction by going through a drug detox program that prevents life-threatening symptoms. Furthermore, this treatment helps support you by minimizing uncomfortable withdrawal side effects. To learn more about the programs we offer, contact us today by calling 844.334.4727, or contact us online. Our helpful treatment team is standing by to take your call.