Undoubtedly we have all benefited from the great advent of social media. During the times of the pandemic, the necessity of social media-fueled interaction has helped millions, if not billions of people worldwide. During the quarantine, social isolation has naturally been extraordinary. As a result, social media has alleviated the gross effects of this. Conversely, social media comes with a price. Drinking and social media have become problematic since the inception of social media.

The people who shine on social media are called “influencers” for a reason. Social media influences people to increase their alcohol consumption. Drink challenges along with the wealth of negative information that is currently fed through social media platforms are the culprits. Alcohol drinking and social media are not a good combination and can lead to the need for alcohol detox.

Seek Help If You Find Yourself Over Your Head

if you are finding yourself consuming more alcohol and social media, give us a call at Springfield Wellness Center. You are not alone, and this is not a mere coincidence. Toward that end, experts report that young adults and adolescents are consuming more alcohol as a result of social media’s influence. This study concludes that young people are exposed to alcohol via social media in two important ways: peer alcohol use, as well as alcohol advertising.

This increased interaction with alcohol consumption leads to actually increased alcohol use. In addition, blind group studies have been conducted interchanging alcohol advertising with other beverage advertising. The experts agree that the group with additional alcohol exposure are more likely to want to consume alcohol with a greater frequency.

Signs of Alcohol Abuse

Because individuals encounter alcohol use throughout social media platforms whether in the form of ads or in genuine social interactions, it’s necessary to learn how to identify alcohol abuse. Frequently abusing alcohol can create dependency or addiction. Signs of alcohol abuse include:

  • Hiding your alcohol use
  • Denying your excessive alcohol use
  • Justifying your alcohol use
  • Suffering from blackouts
  • Suffering from memory loss

Contact us at Springfield Wellness Center at 844.334.4727 if you are experiencing any of these signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse. Though it is commonly accepted, alcohol is the most deadly abused substance in America.

Treatment Options For Alcohol Abuse At Springfield Wellness Center

Springfield Wellness Center offers several treatment options for alcohol abuse. If your alcohol abuse is to the extent where you’re experiencing physiological withdrawal symptoms, we can offer tapering methods that incorporate medication. This will alleviate the withdrawal symptoms and help you focus on other modes of recovery treatment.

Group treatment is employed as a rehabilitative treatment for alcohol abuse. The therapeutic process includes treatment sessions with both a counselor and a psychiatrist, if necessary. You are also required to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings or a non-12 step self-help meeting module.

NAD is a treatment option that could be used to give you a natural boost of energy. You may have depleted your NAD regeneration process as your alcohol abuse increased.use. NAD Is a naturally occurring co-enzyme that helps you convert energy from food sources. Unfortunately, with alcohol abuse, your body loses this ability.

A Full Spectrum Of Treatment At Springfield Wellness Center

In addition to assisting in your recovery from drinking and social media, we have a complete listing of treatment options available. Take advantage of the other treatment resources at Springfield Wellness Center:

Call us today at 844.334.4727 to learn how we can assist with your recovery from drinking and social media. We have the programs and treatments to get you or a loved one back to full health.