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Dangers Of The Wine Mom Culture

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A popular online public health resource asserts that the beginning of the wine mom culture started in 2009. The wine mom culture has affected every facet of this country. It is trending in social media because it is a product of social media, according to the MPHonline. The wine mom culture has encroached upon your Mother’s Day gift or birthday gift for your daughter shopping experiences. The glorification of mothers who drink wine is everywhere. But this kind of popular culture trend can have negative impacts. Even though alcohol is legal and socially embraced, it can still be abuse. Wine Mom culture increases the risk of developing a dependency or addiction to alcohol.

Springfield Wellness Center recognizes wine mom culture as a potential women’s health issue. Fortunately, our alcohol detox center can help in conjunction with the numerous mental health therapies we offer, which can help individuals get at the root cause of their alcohol abuse.

What Is The Wine Mom Culture?

In short, the phenomenon is simple. The mother who is trying to do it all needs alcohol to help. The marketing trends have examples of “mommy’s little sippy cup,” which is a wine glass. Celebrities have gotten involved as well, touting the phenomenon as mommy’s “little secret” The only way mommy can have a full-time job, go to soccer practice, cook the perfect meal, have the perfect figure and face is by having a private stash of wine. Blogs have joined the craze as well. The wine mom culture is a disguise for the increasing numbers of women who are becoming alcoholics. Unfortunately, the wine mom culture is justifying the alcohol abuse.

Is The Wine Mom Culture Dangerous?

The wine mom culture is extremely dangerous because alcohol abuse is extremely dangerous. The wine mom culture is also known as “mommies who need wine” currently, there is a Facebook group called “Moms Who Need Wine.” The group has more than 600,000 followers. There are jokes and Memes and, as stated – gadgets and games. However, justified alcohol abuser is the worst kind. In fact, justifying alcohol use is a major sign that you are developing an alcohol problem. Unfortunately, the wine mom culture is a complete justification for alcohol abuse.

Springfield Wellness Center Does Not Dress Up Disease

Springfield Wellness Center has taken the bull by the horns. We will not dress up the disease. Alcoholism is a killer, and it must be attacked vigorously. Give us a call today if you have found yourself ensnared in the wine mom culture. We will help you understand what is behind your need to consume alcohol. It certainly is not the stress of parenting. If you’re finding parenting to be overwhelming, there are other avenues to assist you. Drowning your sorrows in a glass or bottle of wine is never the answer. In decades past, the wine mom culture was called “being a lush” – a woman who has an alcohol problem.

We Can Help You Exit The Wine Mom Culture

The experienced staff at Springfield Wellness Center will assist your permanent departure from the wine mom culture. Are you motivated to begin a journey to wholeness?  Call us today at 844.334.4727 to begin your journey toward recovery. In addition to alcohol addiction treatment, we offer the following treatments at Springfield Wellness Center:

We are a comprehensive facility, and this is just a shortlist of what we have to offer. We will help you reach a new understanding and a new standard of living.