While many of us understand what substance abuse or substance use disorder entails (i.e., abusing drugs or alcohol), we may not understand what is polysubstance abuse. Also, there may be various definitions of polysubstance abuse. Thus, to find the right addiction treatment, it’s important to understand what polysubstance abuse entails. Springfield Wellness Center has the information necessary to educate individuals and get them the treatment needed.

Though there are various definitions for polysubstance abuse – polysubstance abuse simply defined is when you abuse more than one substance simultaneously. The drugs that are abused are irrelevant. You begin to use more substances to alleviate negative feelings or reactions to the substances you have already ingested. For example, if you’ve drunk an excessive amount of alcohol and you’re feeling depressed, you may take an “upper” or stimulant to counter the depressed feelings. This is the answer to what is polysubstance abuse and how it starts.

What Is Polysubstance Abuse And How Does Treatment Differ?

Taking more than one substance at a time compounds the danger. Polysubstance abusers are not concerned with the health issues that arise from using different types of drugs. Once under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you’re more likely to be uninhibited. You may forget the drugs and the amounts of those drugs or alcohol that you have already consumed. As a result, polysubstance abuse can lead to overdose quickly. Also, different drugs have contraindications. For example, if you are using an opiate along with alcohol, you are compounding the effects of your slowed respiration, which is a side effect with both substances. What is polysubstance abuse? It leads to this dangerous situation.

Why Should I Go To Springfield Wellness Center?

Springfield Wellness Center in Louisiana offers comprehensive drug treatment along with mental health treatment making sure patients heal both physically and mentally. This center offers therapeutic modalities for a variety of abuses. As a result, the treatment staff with your assistance will be able to find the right combination of therapies to lead you into long-lasting recovery.

We are one of the only treatment centers that offer NAD treatment in the region. NAD is a quick and efficient way to restore nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide to your body. What is polysubstance abuse, and what does it do to the NAD in your body? Drug abuse causes the NAD in your body to decrease significantly. NAD is a naturally present co-enzyme of niacin. NAD is used by the body to help cells produce energy from the food we consume. Unfortunately, drug and alcohol abusers lose a portion of their ability to produce NAD naturally.

Receiving NAD via intravenous treatment will replenish your body’s storage and give you a natural energy boost.

We Treat Polysubstance Abuse Too

Some of the other treatments that we offer at Springfield Wellness Center include the following:

Because we have a comprehensive mental health treatment component, we can assist the newly diagnosed client. Dual diagnosis means that you have a substance or alcohol abuse issue along with a diagnosed mental health issue. Our treatment staff can help you deal with both issues simultaneously. Our staff is well-rounded and experienced in treating a multitude of issues at once. As a result, the road to recovery is fluid and allows for change and introduction of new treatment modalities at various levels. At Springfield Recovery Center, you can ask a staffer, “What is polysubstance abuse?” and they will speak with you directly about the issue and how it pertains to your situation. Call us today at 844.334.4727 to begin the intake process