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Why an Opioid Detox Center in Louisiana

people comforting one another in group therapy after learning why an opioid detox center in louisiana is a good choice for recovery

Opioids have long been used to give patients relief from pain. However, there are risks involved with taking opioids, even when used correctly and under the supervision of medical professionals. These powerful drugs are highly addictive. With prolonged use, the body can start to form a tolerance, meaning people have to take higher doses to achieve the same effect. Opioids can also induce relaxation and euphoria, which can cause people to use them for non-medical reasons. Statistics of opioid abuse paint a grim picture, because thousands of people succumb to opioid overdose each year in what is called the Opioid Epidemic.

Individuals struggling with opioid addiction may want to quit but cannot because of the extreme withdrawal symptoms of opioid addiction. Without any help, going through opioid detox can be uncomfortable and challenging. This is why Springfield Wellness Center offers an opioid detox program that uses intravenous BR+ NAD® to ease patients off opioids. If you or a loved one is ready to quit opioids, contact us at 844.334.4727. Getting into an opioid detox could be the first step toward a life free from addiction.

Does Springfield Need an Opioid Detox Center?

Livingston Parish, where Springfield is situated, has been affected by the Opioid Epidemic in much the same way as other communities across America. In Louisiana, the total number of drug-involved deaths has been consistently increasing. Opioid poisoning deaths have made up the most significant number of specified drug poisoning deaths from 2014 to 2019.1 In Livingston Parish, mortality data from CDC Wonder shows a rapidly worsening drug overdose crisis, with a drug overdose death rate that’s 10% higher than the rest of Louisiana.2

An opioid detox center that is easily accessible could help curb these rates. Those who want to quit using opioids would be able to get support from experienced medical professionals during detox.

What Is Opioid Detox?

Opioid detox is always the first step toward recovery. This process begins the moment a person stops using opioids. The body will work to flush out the toxins and chemicals that opioid use has introduced into the brain and other vital systems. However, the withdrawal symptoms are not far behind, as they can begin to manifest within six to twelve hours. Some of these withdrawal symptoms will include:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Stomach upset and diarrhea
  • Trembling and twitching
  • Sore muscles
  • Elevated heart rate and blood pressure
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Anxiety and restlessness

Opioid detox at a treatment center is typically safer and more comfortable than detoxing at home because medical professionals can monitor your withdrawal and soften any discomfort. And intravenous NAD, in particular, has been shown to ease detox symptoms. Our medical team can also complement the NAD with other nutritional supplements that replace any deficiencies resulting from addiction. The result is a quicker return to improved functioning on all levels: patients feel good again!

Start Opioid Detox at Springfield Wellness Center

For over 20 years, our BR+ NAD® opioid detox program has eased withdrawal symptoms and given patients the best start to recovery. You will also appreciate the opportunity to detox in a serene setting that feels more like a peaceful retreat center than a medical facility. Your 10 days of detox here will feel like a long-awaited return to mind and body balance. Contact one of our team members at 844.334.4727 to learn more about how we can help you recover today.


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2Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – CDC Wonder